Microsoft has just announced the release of Office Remote for Android, an app that lets you wirelessly control Office apps through your Android device.

Android phones and tablets are probably not the best tools to present your presentations, but it can be used as a control center which can assist you in navigating. When you connect your device via Bluetooth, it will be able to control the Microsoft Office program on your PC and laptop. As of the moment, it only supports Office 2013 and Office 2016 for Windows.

There’s no Mac compatibility right now, but we’re sure that its own app is on its way. There is an extension needed for the desktop version and the mobile app has a comprehensive walk through to help you out in the process.

Office Remote for Android has the function to control slides on a PowerPoint presentation and make the finger act as a virtual laser pointer on the computer. There are also other features such as jumping into headings in Word and manipulation of tables are available in Excel.

You can now download the Office Remote for Android app in Google Play Store.

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