Today, we have more access to gadgets and technology than previous generations. And while that’s a good thing, very few take advantage of the possibilities within our reach. More often than not, people get too attached on their smartphones and become less productive because of spending too much time on social media. Now, I’m going to share the apps that I use every day to help me live a #SmartLife.

Today Calendar Pro (Android)


Google Calendar is good and it’s improved a lot with the release of Lollipop. But for me, nobody beats this Calendar. It’s way more customizable, aesthetically pleasing, and have better widgets. It offers a lot of features that the stock Android Calendar have plus it can also sync directly to your Google account. Today Calendar offers a limited trial and you could test it out by downloading it on Google Play. But if don’t want to shell out money, Sunrise Calendar is also a good alternative that you should check out.



This app is very valuable for students who want to learn more outside of school lectures. Udemy is a platform and marketplace for online learning. Although the most of the best lectures are paid, they are tons of free stuff that you can use to learn more about the subject you want. Not only that, they often give out free copies of the best ones too! I’ve been watching videos I downloaded on the app whenever I have free time and it’s been great so far. I usually let my Smart mobile data do all the downloading on the background so I get all the content when I’m ready. So far, I have completed 1 course and I’m half way on my 2nd course. I highly recommend it to all people who want to learn more.



If you’re not in the mood for serious things, 9gag is probably your best bet. It’s the go-to app for killing time and getting a good laugh at the same time. If you still don’t have this on your phone, you should immediately install it now.



I use this app all the time after I subscribed to a free trial last month. I watched some of my favorite movies like the Iron Man series as well as cartoons like Mr. Bean and SpongeBob Squarepants. There are tons of movies, tv series, and cartoons on iFlix’s portfolio so you won’t get bored if ever you choose iFlix to entertain you on weekends.



Every so often, I check Reddit to catch up on the latest trends and stories on the internet. It’s known as the “front page of the internet”, so that should give you an idea of what this is. It has all the weird, fun, and interesting content you could see. It’s probably one of the most active, if not the most, communities in the web.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


It’s already 2015 so I guess it’s safe to say that a lot of us have accounts these two social networking websites. These websites are perfect time-killers, but to be honest, they constantly waste people’s time because some get ‘addicted’ to it.

Out of the three, I enjoy Twitter more because it’s less ads and bullshit when compared to Facebook. But I still use Facebook more because I’m always on messenger to communicate with my friends and colleagues.

Twitch, Youtube


When I’m not watching movies on iFlix, I turn to streams of my favorite games on Twitch. If there are no competitive games live, I search Youtube for some funny and interesting videos to watch.



Going to banks is a hassle and the long lines make it more daunting. Thankfully, a lot of our banks today have their own mobile app that helps us to easily manage our accounts and finances with the help of our smartphone



Entertainment won’t be complete without music. My streaming service of choice is Deezer, as they have a huge music collection under their sleeves and they’re high quality as well. These days I’ve been exclusively using Deezer for my music needs. I can’t remember the last time I stored music on my phone storage (for Android). I still occasionally buy songs on my iPhone though.

How about you? What are the apps that you use on a daily basis? Let us know how you live a #SmartLife!

To download these apps, just go to Google Play and Apple App store.

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  1. seriously? iflix? my trial ended a week ago and I wasn’t amazed by its contents compared to netflix. if you’re serious in doing binge-watching. I suggest getting netflix paired with either a DNS relocator or an uncapped fast vpn.

  2. Pocket Casts is SO worth the $3.99 (160-ish PHP) it costs. Absolute recommendation. Thanks for this, though! Today Calendar Pro was particularly useful…