For all those who mistakenly deleted important files, here’s your savior.

It’s pretty common nowadays that people accidentally delete their files and important data on their PC, laptop, mobile phone, and even removable devices like flashdrives. We can blame them for being not careful, but not for being less technology literate. As we all know, there are a lot of other reasons for data corruption. Some of them are: hard drive damage, virus/malware, problems with the OS, partion, and more.

The free data recovery software I’m talking about is from EaseUS. With its FREE Data Recovery Wizard version 10.5, you will be able all those lost when you mistakenly delete or formatted your storage. All you have to do is to launch the program, scan, and recover the files. Isn’t that easy?


And if you’re wondering what kind of storage devices it can recover data from, it’s a lot. Ranging from the regular hard drives, external HDDs, flashdrives, memory cards, mobile phone, digital camera, and more.

The Data Recovery Wizard software utilizes its quick and deep scan modes to make sure the user gets all the data that needs to be recovered. Whether it’s a photo, video, music, or documents, it got you covered. There’s also a clear preview, wherein the user can check the files first before initiating the recovery process.


It’s a great FREE data recovery software, but it does come with limitations. First is that it can only recover up to 2GB of data, and it doesn’t support lifetime upgrades and technical support. The Data Recovery Wizard Pro edition is priced at $69.99, and it takes care of the limitations listed above. There’s also a Pro + Win PE edition, which includes a bootable media for emergency, so it can still recover data and files in case of a system crash or it fails to start. Not that expensive for a great software, right?

If you have files that need to be recovered, check out EaseUS’ Data Recovery Wizard and give it a try.

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