Communicating over long distances hasn’t been this affordable and instantaneous as it was more than a decade and a half ago. Writing a letter and dropping them at postal offices has been the best way to show your affection and longing. The good news is that these pen pals, as we have called them in the past, are still around 20 years after.

Various apps and softwares have been developed to keep the culture of sending mail across cities, countries, and borders. It replaced the traditional postal codes in bridging the pals to easily send and accept letters on a real-time basis. Here are our top pen pal app picks for 2022 to rekindle the classic romantic letter-writing.

#1 Hello Talk

As one of the newly-developed apps for anyone who wanted to share their ideas, moments, and even start romantic relationships, the Hello Talk app can let you chat, speak, and study a foreign language with pals all over the world.


Signing up for the service will make you a member of an online community that speaks different languages and have various cultures. After you create your profile account, you can filter your preferences and the languages. You will see your match and then you may now start to send and receive letters with your pen pal.

Download HelloTalk: Android | iOS

#2 Bottled


Available for both iOs and Android users, Bottled is like the modernized version of directing messages inside a bottle. After creating your account, you will be virtually stuck on an island where you can throw your messages with strangers. Once they open your text, you can communicate with them continuously freely and securely.

Download Bottled: Android | iOS

#3 Tandem

Reviewed as one of the best apps to find a partner that got the same interests as you, Tandem will allow you to become one of the learners for a new language in a community.


Once you can speak another foreign language, more pals will be more interested in your whereabouts so they will initiate messages with you. With over three million users globally, you can do video and audio calls once you find your ‘tandem’.

Download Tandem: Android | iOS

#4 Airtripp

Making friends globally and interact with them live has never been this amazing for those who are good communicators.


With Airtripp, you can chat with foreigners across 250 countries easily and the app will teach you to speak their language at no extra cost. As the app’s name suggests, the app allows you to seek travel advice and plan your next destination from your pen-pal.

Download Airtripp: Android | iOS

#5 Slowly

Using your smartphone, you can now collect postal stamps from friends you can meet virtually. After registering for an account, you will be able to write generic letters that you can send to all app users.


When your match comes, you can now send private emails and set up the best time for its delivery to keep the excitement. However, the message will reach you depending on the actual distance of the sender for the realistic effect.

Download Slowly: Android | iOS

#6 Speaky

Learning a set of a foreign language will be easier and more accessible for any Speaky user. Your language instructor can be your pen pal and can turn into your real-life partner.


You can also teach your pen pal with your native dialect. Using the app is much similar to Skype chat as it will have an automatic grammar correction and error analysis suggestions that appear with no extra cost.

Download Speaky: Android | iOS

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