Hyundai joins the growing number of car manufacturers entering the electric bike scene as it partners with Spanish company Rayvolt for a special edition eXXite Next e-bike.

The Hyundai eXXcite Next e-bike special edition is powered by an EPAC 250W hub motor with 50Nm torque. That should provide an assisted speed of around 25kph.


It also boasts a torque sensor that ensures a smooth and seamless power delivery no matter how hard you pedal. Hyundai and Reyvolt then included a 36V 14Ah battery pack hidden in the seat post, which is said to have a range of around 80 kilometers on a single charge.

Rayvolt also put its Intelligent Regenerative Brake Sensor (iRBS). Other tech includes a control panel in the handlebar, and a back-pedal braking system.


The said control panel lets the rider switch between different modes, play with the settings, and monitor important data like battery life, assist mode, speed, and more. Oh, and of course, it works with the Eiva app and RegenFit accessory.

Unfortunately, the Hyundai eXXite Next e-bike is sold exclusively in France — a country with one of the most aggressive e-mobility programs. It retails for EUR3,490 (~Php209,900).

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