Back in the mid-90’s, the Windows 95 was the “bomb” in computing. 

Considered a commercial success for Microsoft which made it an iconic operating system at its time, many desktop computers ran on this OS which further solidified home computing. But more than its technical wonders, the Windows 95 was partly successful due to the internal struggle of its primary competitor at the time — Apple, without Steve Jobs.

But whether you are an early adopter of Windows 95 as a kid or one who is simply curious in knowing what the system is like, there is now a means by which you could Windows 95 on your modern computing device which runs on either Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

The Windows 95 app

Unlike today’s most operating systems, the Windows 95 OS is a very small application, weighing only 129Mb and only consumes around 200Mb of RAM when booted up. While this may seem tiny in today’s standards, this actually contains the full package of an ancient Windows operating system which is capable of basic tasks such as running MS Paint, Word Pad, and the Minesweeper.

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Of course, for something as old as an OS officially released back in the 90’s, there is nothing about the Windows 95 that will impress the teens of today. But for those who had fond memories with it back in the day, there is some sweet nostalgia to be found in running the OS in a modern hardware.

Essentially an emulation of a kind, the Windows 95 does not boot as a native operating system which replaces the original OS—modern versions of MacOS, Windows, or Linux—but rather as a system within a system, making it like any runnable program.

But this sort of miracle would not have been possible if not for the Slack developer, Felix Rieseberg, who basically converted the Windows 95 OS into a so-called “Electron app” which lets it work with the modern OS and hardware setting. If you are interested in getting the said app, feel free to get it from @felixrieseberg here.

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