Aside from releasing its gaming franchises on its own platforms, PlayStation is keen on expanding its reach across multiple platforms, including mobile devices.

According to PlayStation’s Jim Ryan at the company’s most recent Corporate Strategy meeting, mobile is one of the company’s primary growth sources in the near future. He specifically mentioned that PlayStation is “exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises, so please stay tuned.”

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Ryan added that over the past 25 years, PlayStation Studios has produced an incredible amount of IP and immersive gaming experiences that have evoked emotions and brought players on emotional journeys. He also said that they are currently experimenting with mobile gamers in order to give gamers more options to enjoy their content.

Despite closing its PlayStation Mobile division back in 2015, Sony now appears to be revving things up once again. In 2016, they launched Uncharted: Fortune Hunter, a game based on the original Uncharted series.

Source: GameSpot

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  1. They should’ve thought of that before they botched up the PS Vita. The Vita looked pretty “mobile” to me Lol.