After establishing himself in the world of esports and shifting to make a career as a content creator in the same space, popular former Counter-Strike professional player Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is continuing his love for video games by co-creating one.

Teasing what appears to be the biggest announcement of his career, shroud disclosed the name of the game he is making, along with fellow Twitch streamer and internet personality Chris “Sacriel” Ball, as “Project Astrid”—a next-generation AAA open-world survival game.

Per the official pronouncement, both Grzesiek and Ball will serve as the creative minds behind the developing title due to their authoritative disposition on the internet as not only experienced “players” and streamers,” but also as “subject matter experts” as well as “community builders and leaders”, while development studio Splash Damage handles the development of the game.

One of the biggest personalities to have ever graced the Twitch platform, shroud built a reputation as a professional player in Valve’s team-based first-person shooter Counter-Strike, and was partly made renowned for his phenomenal mechanical shooting skills.

Intended to bring the genre to the next level, Michael Grzesiek declares the team’s ambitious plan to make the “best survival game ever,” which he is confident to be possible with both Chris Ball and Splash Games alongside him.

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