Computer hardware manufacturer NZXT and sneaker designer RTFKT are partnering up for a concept project that revolutionizes the way we see PC, literally.

Artifact Studios, the company behind the RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”) brand, shared a tweet showcasing the said blueprint in all its tangible glory in a form of a 14-second video.

First-time onlookers might find themselves confused about what they would be seeing with the design. From afar, the prototype looks like a forward-thinking sneaker with a miniaturized RTX 3080 GPU, complete with spinning fans, attached to it—essentially, as an artistic choice.

At a closer look, however, the innards show what appears to be components of an actual PC, such as the NZXT Kraken Z63 AIO liquid cooler, all of which compressed together to fit in the rather small footwear-looking enclosure.

Shoe collectors might find themselves disappointed in hearing that the showcase is indeed a computer and not a footgear. But computer enthusiasts who are seeking to make an upgrade might find it interesting.

Although a truly cool concept, it is not guaranteed whether the demonstrated product would see actual production. For all its quirk, it might just not fly as more than just a concept project. However, that is just speculation and could be wrong.

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