The Management Information Systems and Technology Group (MISTG) of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) targets to implement the Liquidation and Billing System (LBS) on April 13 nationwide.

Through the LBS web portal, it permits the BOC Liquidation and Billing Division (LBD) to effectively audit and assess the post-entry transactions of shipments. These purposes are considered critical as it determines and provides information for consignees about the penalties, fines and other charges which the BOC must collect.

The LBD personnel in the Post Release Adjustment (PRA) will also reap benefits from this system as it will aid in the process of checking and verifying the truthfulness of the declaration or value, computation of duties and taxes, its classifications and other charges.

LBD personnel could also generate sample and template documents which include the Notice of Discrepancy, the initial notification letter to be sent to the stakeholders to get payments for the duties, taxes and other charges deficiencies which arise from the PRA, the final demand letter, the final notification letter which is signed by the District Collector who informs the stakeholders to resolve the existing discrepancies and deficiencies from the PRA.

The users can also monitor the refunds or the collection of the duties and taxes if needed through the LBS.

Hopefully, the LBS is foreseen to provide strength in the post-clearance auditing process of the BOC ports. The LBS will provide a platform for seamless detection and mitigation of fraud, avoiding revenue leakages resulting in an increase in the amount of lost revenue being recovered.

Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero’s administration of the BOC hopes to deliver its automated processes and systems as it goes along with the modernization of the administration.

Source: PTV

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