DITO Telecommunity, the third-telco in the Philippines, is fast-growing and is now being used by millions of Filipinos less than a year since its commercial rollout.

However, there are people who are virtually prohibited from enjoying DITO’s services. As some of you know, the telco only guarantees its service to work on this list of compatible devices.


The said list consists of devices from top brands like Samsung, OPPO, Realme, Vivo, Huawei, TCL, TECNO Mobile, Infinix, and even local names like Cherry Mobile and MyPhone.

However, even these brands only have a couple of their smartphones that officially works with DITO. What’s weird is, even a company as big as Apple has none of their phones compatible with DITO, at least officially.



But don’t worry, though, as there is still a chance that a DITO SIM will work on your phone. The company themselves confirmed that it’s possible for their SIM to work on a phone that’s not part of the official list.

Today, we’ll show you an official tutorial on how to try to activate a DITO SIM on an incompatible smartphone. Bear in mind, though, that it’s not guaranteed to work. Albeit, DITO assures everyone that the devices that still aren’t on the list are being tested and may be officially added soon. So, without further ado, you can check the tutorial below.

How to use DITO SIM on a not compatible device

Step 1: You should purchase and activate a DITO SIM card. For a limited time, you can get the DITO Starter Pack, which already includes a SIM, data, calls, and text.


Step 2: Insert your brand new DITO SIM card. The telco has included a SIM ejector tray for free to make this process easier.


Step 3: These next steps will vary depending on the interface of your phone, but essentially, they should be similar. For this demo, we’re using the Realme Narzo 50A, which is yet is yet to be part of DITO’s list of compatible devices.

For the third step, go to your device’s Settings/Menu.


Step 4: Look for your device’s SIM settings. This part varies on the interface of your device. For the phone we’re using, we’re tapping the “SIM card and mobile data” then tap the SIM slot you placed the DITO SIM. In this case, it’s in the “SIM1”.

If these settings are not available to you, try looking for the “Mobile Networks” settings and proceed to Step 5.


Step 6: Go to the “Access Point Name” and tap it.


Step 6: Tap the “Add” or “+” button.


Step 7: In the Name field type “DITO Internet”, then in the APN field type “internet.dito.ph” then tap the check icon or “Save”.


Step 8: You’re done. Now, you can open your mobile data and try web browsing to check if it works. You shall receive a welcome text message from DITO confirming that the process was successful. The text message will come with the initial password for your DITO App account. Here’s a complete guide to help you set up the DITO App.


If you’ve already completed all the processes but still can’t connect to the internet, your only option is to wait for DITO to add your device to the official list.

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