Radianite Points, as all experienced Valorant players know, is the virtual currency of the tactical hero shooter game for upgrading better aesthetic features of unlocked weapon skins. While Radianite Points can be acquired by spending Valorant Points (the game’s premium currency that players can only get using real money), there are alternative methods for earning these points for free or as a bonus.

Reach Tier 7 in the “Play to Unlock Free Agents” Contract

Besides allowing you to gain free agents and in-game items, one of the rewards of the contract is 40 Radianite Points when you get to Tier 7 of this contract.


Advance through the Battle Pass

The Valorant battle pass has a free track that rewards Radianite Points. From tiers 1 to 50 of the battle pass, the total you can earn in the free track is 30 Radianite Points. The epilogue chapter that’s added at the end of the battle pass has another 30 Radianite Points you can earn. If you’re willing to pay for the premium track, the total you can get by going through all 50 tiers and the epilogue is 160 Radianite Points.

Occasionally, Valorant will also feature an event pass as part of an ongoing event. Among the tiers in these passes, there are usually two tiers that reward 10 Radianite Points each.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime Gaming


Membership to Amazon Prime Gaming requires a monthly subscription, but it comes with a free one-month trial in which you may get free Radianite Points among other in-game rewards.

To get Valorant rewards from Amazon Prime Gaming, create or sign into your account at https://gaming.amazon.com/home and link your Riot account to your Amazon account. Find Valorant and claim the free reward.

The Valorant rewards/loot offered by Prime Gaming will change from time to time. If you only want to take advantage of the free trial, make sure you sign up when the Valorant reward currently being offered is the Radianite Points. Claimed loot are yours to keep even when your Prime Gaming subscription has expired.

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