Apple may be a trendsetter when it comes to product design, much that much in the iPhone line-up entries can be quite distinct from one another in terms of the physical layout. But the transition from the current iPhone 12 to its successor, the iPhone 13, will not be much different, if leaker Max Winebach’s claim is to be believed.

Case in point, it seems that consumers will find it hard to identify the iPhone 13 from the iPhone 12 once the former releases in that many elements of their make-up would be almost identical, except with the tiny alterations in the dimension aspect.

The most obvious of which, based on side-by-side comparison, would be the narrower notch and the color scheme that makes “Space Gray” look substantially dimmer, borderline black even, than the previous iteration.

On a more subtle note, it seems another difference, according to the leak, would be the minor adjustment with the camera bump which highlights uneven heights among multiple cameras in the array.

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