Back in 2016, Mark Zuckerberg started a trend that many follows to this day, which involves covering laptop’s camera and microphone with something opaque to prevent spying. This subsequently led to the production of webcam covers that seems to have gained popularity among laptop users.

Apple, however, is warning people about the practice, citing that doing so could potentially ruin their MacBook’s display. The issue boiling down to the small clearance that separate the keyboard from the display, which, as it appears, is designed for “very tight tolerances.” 

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Making for an example of what happens when users does the complete opposite of what Apple is insinuating, a Reddit user made a post on r/apple claiming how even a “super thin” webcam cover can damage the MacBook’s screen.


In the case of the Redditor, it pertains a 16” MacBook Pro that got a cracked display, which seemingly divides the monitor into two parts, given by a vertical white line. 

Without an AppleCare+, the Reddit user claims that the issue would have costed $1,500 and at least 3 weeks to fix.

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Not only does blocking the MacBook’s camera risks it to getting physical damage, it also renders some of the device’s automated feature incapable of functioning. They include the True Tone and automatic brightness that appear to be dependent on the laptop’s camera working at full capacity.

For those who are still keen in using a webcam cover, however, Apple is suggesting doing so with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Do not use a webcam cover that is thicker than a printing paper (0.1mm).
  • Refrain from using a webcam cover that has adhesive residue on it.
  • If using a webcam cover that is thicker than 0.1mm, consider removing it first before closing the laptop’s lid.

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