Despite the hard decision to exit the smartphone business, LG will remain committed to bringing the latest Android experience among its consumers—at least, up to Android 12 in the foreseeable future.

As per LG’s official website, the company will roll out Android 11 to some of its select devices.

But with the next iteration of Android, or Android 12, also not too far off, it’s also said that the Korean company will see the same launched eventually. Availability of said update, however, would vary by country as influenced by Google’s testing and deployment procedures. However, which models will get the update remains inconspicuous.


With LG expected to officially shut its doors in the smartphone business starting July 31, it is uncertain for how long it will be able to release security updates for its launched products.

Speaking of hardware, it seems that the availability of phones and accessories will become limited moving forward. But the tech company will continue to produce other electronic products, like speakers, Bluetooth headsets, etc.

Finally, service centers will also remain operational, providing hardware support, such as repairs, to existing LG smartphone users.


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