Chinese smartphone manufacturer vivo unveiled its newest operating system, the BlueOS at the 2023 vivo Developer Conference. This new operating system is made specifically for smart home devices and wearables and is compatible with different AI models.

Self-developed by vivo, BlueOS uses Rust language. It is a modern programming language developed for advanced programming applications. Blue OS also comes with an AI service engine that is compatible with different AI models.

The new OS aims to provide a better and smoother user experience with an emphasis on AI functions like image, text, and code generation. It also provides improved privacy and security to users. 


Vivo said that BlueOS is 48% more efficient in rendering and has 67% less memory consumption. It also supports a wide range of devices from a 200Mhz processor with 32MB RAM up to a 4GHz chipset with 24GB RAM.

BlueOS has also improved when it comes to app opening, switching motion rendering, and loading time. It also has improved connectivity as it supports BlueXLink for multiple devices for faster data transfer. It also has NFC car keys and other functionalities like access cards and transportation cards.

One of the important highlights of BlueOS is its support for BlueXlink connection protocol. With this, it ensures compatibility with industry-standard protocols to ensure smooth and seamless data flow and access different devices in smart homes and office environments.

BlueOS is said to launch first on smartwatches specifically with vivo Watch 3 on November 13 in China. No details yet on its availability internationally.

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