If you were to ask what’s the best place to window shop for furniture, that place to plan your dream house or room is in IKEA. The best part is that they allow you to make your orders online.

However, deceitful websites are plentiful, and not even IKEA is spared from the people creating fake websites to lure excited buyers in. As of March 3, these fake IKEA websites have reportedly tricked 718 Filipino customers, which amounted to Php1.4 million in transactions.

This is considered a case of identity theft, and the company has already filed a complaint with the Philippine National Police (PNP) cybercrime team.

According to Daniel Rivero, IKEA’s store manager, scammers are most likely taking advantage of the Swedish company’s newness in the country. As of writing, there is only one physical store located in Pasay City.


Meanwhile, Leontina Bucur, IKEA Philippines’ sales manager, confirms that there is only one official website. They do not sell through any social media or e-commerce platforms.

Funny enough, these fake IKEA sites are even selling items that are not in the catalog, nor can you see them when you physically visit the store. These items include luggage, scooters, treadmills, and even laptops.

PNP told IKEA that they should also tell the public how to tell authentic online stores from fake ones, so they can file their complaint. It was also clarified that IKEA’s complaint would only cover computer-related identity theft, not a fraud.

We also urge everyone to stay vigilant when purchasing from online stores and marketplaces on social media platforms. In this way, everyone can have a safe transaction and certainty that their purchases are delivered to them.

Source: Business World

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