For those missing the high definition 8-bit games, the Famicom Mini and NES Classic Edition are now available for purchase.

These are the gaming consoles people in the 90s used growing up and it’s nice to see them come back.

If you were born in the PlayStation era, you might frown upon the disgusting 8-bit graphics of these consoles. But back in the day, these were the ‘in’ thing. And we enjoyed it a lot.

The NES Classic Edition and Famicom Mini (aka Family Computer) will come pre-loaded with a total of 30 games including popular titles like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2, and a lot more.


The Famicom Mini will come with two controllers and HDMI cable for connecting to a TV/monitor, but no 5V/1A USB AC adapter included. Meanwhile, the other one only has one controller out of the box, HDMi, and USB power supply cable.

If you feel like reminiscing your childhood gaming experience, these units are available at DataBlitz. The Famicom Mini is priced at Php4,595 while the NES Classic costs Php600 cheaper at Php3,995.

Source: DataBlitz

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