Science fiction has always shown us the negative side of letting robots rule over us. But one Chinese company is willing to take that risk by appointing a robot as its chief executive officer in the name of better corporate governance.

For a business company that makes and handles multiplayer online games as well as mobile applications, NetDragon Websoft is an enterprise that is not a stranger to technology and automation, particularly a robot.

But last week, one such entity became the very same that holds its highest position—that is, after a certain “Ms. Tang Yu” became the company’s CEO, making it the first-ever artificial intelligence-powered machine to hold an executive role in a corporate setting.

Tang Yu’s appointment with the otherwise highly-coveted job is NetDragon Websoft’s very own principal subsidiary, Fujian NetDragon Websoft.

Dyson Robot

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Being a CEO, a lot is expected from Tang Yu’s seemingly acclaimed leadership skills. Particularly, being in front of the company’s “organizational and efficiency department.”

Listing its line of duties, the robotic CEO will help the company through the following: simplify the process flow, improve the quality of work to be done, as well as make efficient the execution of jobs.

With so much processing power, it will also act as a data hub in real-time as well as employ analytical tools that will facilitate rational decision-making, and facilitate a more potent risk management system.

Additionally, Tang Yu will also play an essential role in developing talents among the workforce as well as making the workplace environment fair and efficient for all.

Source: Metro

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