Google confirmed that they plan on bringing Android games to Windows PC in 2022.

This move will allow Google Play Games to be compatible on Windows desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets.

In a statement to The Verge, Android and Google Play product director Greg Hartrell said that come 2022, users will be able to play Google Play games from their Android to more devices. The executive also highlights that it will feature seamless switching between, phone, tablet, Chromebook, “and soon, Windows PCs.”

This move will utilize an app the Google built themselves, without any partnership from the likes of Microsoft or BlueStacks.


Google is showing nothing but teasers for the said app. No official release date has been set, too, but they do expect it to be ready by next year, 2022.

How they will emulate Android games on a Windows platform hasn’t been revealed, either. But it’s said that the games will run locally and not from the cloud. The company also highlighted that they will be the one distributing the app.

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