Amid the silence with the lack of an official statement, renowned smartphone maker Meizu is now officially a part of Chinese carmaker Geely. The acquisition comes following Geely’s planned venture into the smartphone business.

With a struggle to remain afloat, Meizu’s difficult disposition in the market is not helped by the partnership with Sony, which was aimed at bringing the Flyme apps to Xperia.

But Geely, which also owns other automakers Polestar, Lotus, Volvo, etc. has just the right resources to support and bring the scrambling company back to its feet.

Meizu is not necessarily a stranger to Geely, however, with the enterprise able to work in collaboration with one of the many brands within the latter’s portfolio by bringing the Flyme for Car infotainment system into the picture.

Geely also recently established Hubei Xingji Shidai Technology, to deliver smartphones and other smart devices worldwide, which the acquisition of Meizu is anticipated to play a role in fast-tracking.

Source: SCMP

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