A court in Russia decided to fine Google RUB7.2 billion (around Php4.9 billion) for allegedly its continuous failure to comply with the country’s rule of banning content it sees as illegal.

For the entire 2021, Russia has fined a lot of tech companies for not following its strict internet content rules. However, the verdict it posted on Google last Friday is the first time the country has based the fine on the company’s annual revenue.

The Russian court also fined Meta, and its subsidiary Instagram, RUB2 billion (around Php1.3 billion) under similar circumstances. It’s said that Meta (previously Facebook) didn’t remove around 2,000 banned content, while Google apparently failed to remove 2,600 illegal content.


Such content apparently includes those who promote dangerous behaviors or the use of drugs, tutorials on how to make improvised explosives and weapons, and anything the country sees as terrorists or extremists. Apparently, it also includes those who spread “gay propaganda”.

Google said that before taking action, they will review the said court documents. They are given 10 days to file for an appeal.

Via: Engadget

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