Google One, the subscription service for buying additional storage and live support, is getting an update today that will bring free phone backups for all Android and iOS devices that have the app installed on them, irrespective of whether they have a paid membership or not.

While the feature is free, the backups reduce the count of your free Google 15GB storage allowance. So If you need more space, the option is either to subscribe to a Google One membership and buy more storage or to delete data that is not useful.

This feature has been available for paid members since last year on Android, so that contacts, texts, apps, videos and photos can be stored on Google’s Cloud servers. Android users now have the free backups, while iOS users will get this feature in the near future as soon as the Google One app rolls it out on iOS.


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With this new update, Google is also introducing a new manager tool, which is already available on the web and inside the app. The tool which allows you to delete necessary files and backups, works across Google platforms. This will ensure that you find emails with large files or very large attachments easily.

Google is obviously trying to get more people on Google One with this new free phone backups for iOS and Android feature. The 15GB free storage which cuts across all Google platforms, inclusive of Gmail and other services, won’t take long before it’s exhausted. If you are already invested in the Google ecosystem, paying $1.99/month for 100GB is very much worth it.

Source: Google

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