Google just announced the Wear OS 4.0, a refresh to its smartwatch operating system that will hopefully reach more devices than its predecessor once it comes out later this year.

The new Wear OS 4 will offer more app support with Google Workspace, Gmail, and Google Calendar apps coming to the platform. Users will be able to quickly reply to emails and update tasks in Calendar.


Third-party apps will also join in like Whatsapp offering end-to-end encryption, calls, and voice replies within smartwatches. Spotify will also bring its new tiles layout for easier access to music and podcasts.

The new version also has better integration with Google Home which lets users have more control options on connected devices. Plus, the 4.0 version will have better battery efficiency — which Google Wear smartwatches really need.


Another worth-noting upgrade is the ability to back up and restore smartwatches without the need to factory reset.

The new Wear OS 4 will arrive in new smartwatches coming this year with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 series expected to be the first to have it.

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