Different industries have been practicing tons of marketing magic for a very long time. However, too much of it might provide misleading information to the consumers.

An example of this is the new mishap that Huawei is facing over their Nova 3 and Nova 3i video advertisement in Egypt.

The ad shows couples taking pictures with the Nova 3 in different shooting scenarios. It exhibits the device’s AI camera features, face tracking, and low-light capabilities.

However, Sarah Elshamy, an actress on the said advertisement, has posted a behind-the-scenes image of the video shoot on her personal Instagram page.


The post clearly reveals that Huawei used a professional DSLR camera in capturing the sample photo in the indoor scene, instead of using the Nova 3 itself. The actor was reaching his hands on the camera lens as if he’s actually holding a smartphone.

The actress immediately pulled out the Instagram post on her page. But that didn’t stop the backlash that’s already happening.

But the sad truth is, there are also other brands who are guilty of committing such crime. Just recently, Samsung Brazil got busted for using stock photos as sample pictures of the Galaxy A8.

We’ve also seen tons of manufacturers who are obviously using professional-looking images and posing them as pictures that were supposed to be taken on their own smartphones.

The only problem with Huawei’s scenario is, they were caught red-handed doing it.

Via: Ars Technica

UPDATE: Here is the official statement of Huawei regarding the controversy.

The purpose of this advertisement is to demonstrate how consumers can use the features of the HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i. As stated in the disclaimer at the end of the video, the product shots are for reference only.

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