Lexar launches an enormous 1TB SD card


As cameras keep on getting better at taking pictures and videos, the file sizes that they eat up are getting bigger and bigger. With that, Lexar wants you to shoot more and worry less about storage limitations as they introduce the very first 1TB SD card.

Lexar has been quiet in a while. But now that they are making a comeback, the company wants to make a splash to get noticed, hence they announce the new Lexar 1TB SD card.

If you’re still not overly impressed — wrap your head around the fact that that’s 1,000-gigs. Four times more than what the highest (256GB) SD cards that you most-likely currently have.


This Lexar Professional 633x card is SDXC UHS-I standard, has up to 95Mbps of read and 70Mbps of write speeds, and has U3/V30 rating. This lets you shoot hours of FHD, 4K UHD, or even 3D videos.

Depending on how you take pictures, you can also cover an entire event without the need of replacing cards. Go trigger-happy with it.

Being the first storage solution of its kind to have such capacity, the Lexar 1TB SD card will cost you an arm and a leg. This thing retails for USD499.99 (~Php26,000). That’s almost the cost of most budget professional cameras in the market today.

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