Two members of Team Xecuter — Gary Bowser and Max Louarn — a notorious videogame piracy group, have been arrested and charged with fraud.

Team Xecuter is best known for its Nintendo hacks, which includes a device called SX Pro, a USB device that allows Nintendo Switch users to play pirated games.

The group is even more controversial because of its for-profit motive, which is opposed to the traditional open-source focus that most modding and emulation communities do. This is the reason why console brands and federal authorities in the US draw attention to the group.

Besides the Switch, Team Xecuter also makes hacking tools for the Nintendo NES Classic, 3DS, and more.

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Nintendo acknowledge the existence of the group by filing two lawsuits back in May.

Gary Bowser and Max Louarn — originally from Canada — were arrested in the Dominican Republic. If convicted, the two would face 20 years for each charge of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit money laundering and up to five years for the other lesser charges. A trial date would be set soon.

You can read the full report of the United States Department of Justice here.

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