We’ve seen a lot of advanced AI features on smartphones these days, but it’s only exclusive to high-end devices. OPPO aims to change that in the future by bringing the technology on its whole line-up, even the budget series.

To make this vision possible, OPPO is self-developing AI for its devices. They are also teaming up with big names like Microsoft, Google, and MediaTek to create a variety of AI experiences.


OPPO’s partnership with Google focuses on the use of the latter’s AI model called Gemini. Microsoft comes in to improve connectivity of AI phones with AI PCs. While MediaTek will work with OPPO to optimize chips to make future OPPO phones to be more efficient.

OPPO also brag about the over 5,000 AI-related patents they have applied — with about 70% of it related to AI imaging.


The company have already exhibited their commitment to bringing AI experiences on its mobile phones. Back in January, they were the first to deploy an LLM with 7 billion parameters on a smartphone. Called the AndesGPT model on the flagship OPPO Find X7 series, its job is to analyze human voice and summarize them.

OPPO has already rolled out more than 100 generative AI features to its phones this 2024. In fact, generative AI is attributed to OPPO’s goal in achieving its 50 million users by the end of 2024.


As per OPPO, the average user uses generative AI features with an average of 15 times per day.

The company is also developing a Hybrid AI technology that will utilize both on-device and cloud AI.

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