PLDT, Smart the first to roll out carbon fiber towers in the country


Telco giant PLDT Inc. and its wireless subsidiary Smart Communications Inc. is deploying carbon fiber cell sites, a first in the Philippines.

The PLDT-Smart carbon fiber cell sites will be put in urban rooftops to improve network availability.


As per PLDT and Smart Senior VP and Head of Technology Mario Tamayo, these carbon fiber towers will work with their 4G LTE and 5G networks.

Tamayo said that this technology would fit perfectly in metropolitan areas where the demand for 5G rollout and 4G LTE network expansion needs to have lighter tower solutions, which can accommodate equipment that can operate at full capacity.

The company explains that carbon fiber towers are dramatically lighter than traditional steel towers. They are also easier to transport and install, made of non-corrosive materials to withstand disasters, and almost require no maintenance.


Besides improving its network availability, this type of tower will also reduce the companies’ impact on the environment. It has 70% less carbon dioxide emission and takes up less land area for more efficient land use.

The first PLDT-Smart carbon fiber tower have already been rolled out in Quezon City recently.

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