A slide from a confidential Samsung presentation reveals that the tech giant aims to release a 576-megapixel camera sensor by 2025.

Smartphones with a 108-megapixel like the Galaxy S21 Ultra looks mind-blowing now, but once Samsung’s 576-megapixel camera becomes a reality, we’ll laugh about how we were amazed at 108MP sensors. Just like how we felt when 48-megapixel, 16-megapixel, and 8-megapixel cameras came out in the past.


Rumors suggest that this 576-megapixel sensor is coming to smartphones, but there’s a chance that it would be used on a different product — at least initially.

The presentation slide mentioned was shown by Samsung senior VP and head of automotive sensor Haechang Lee during a summit by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).

As you can see in the image above, the slide shows the timeline of Samsung’s camera sensors. Starting with a 0.3-megapixel FSI sensor from 2000, up to the latest 108-megapixel sensor. Then, you can see the line jumps to 2025 with the 576MP and an icon of an eye.

The eye translates to how such resolution is actually higher than the human eye.

Since 2025 is still four years from now, we can expect Samsung to introduce new sensor innovation leading up to 576MP. There’s the new 200MP ISOCELL sensor, possibly a 300MP sensor after that, a possibly a couple more until we get to the human eye-beating sensor.

Via: DPReview

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