One of the biggest digital shared infrastructure providers in the Philippines, Phil-Tower Consurtium, Inc., just announced the completion of its 200th cell tower site.

An impressive feat, the last 100 sites were able to be put up in just over a month, making the roll-out one of the fastest in the Philippines. What’s more interesting is, that a big number of these are co-location sites carrying equipment for multiple mobile operators and providers.

Thanks to the Common Tower Policy cell site towers with passive infrastructures can accommodate equipment from any operators, which helps telcos minimize their expenses (CAPEX). This will then allow them to speed up the rollout of their networks to make internet availability and quality better for the Filipino people.

What’s more, shared towers will help minimize the unsightly clutter of cell towers.


PhilTower president Devid Gubiani proudly announced its 200th cell site milestone and they are looking forward to rolling out “several hundred more in the coming months.”

Country Director Peter Wong added that they look forward to hosting mobile operators such as Globe, Smart, and DITO, as well as other broadband providers who want to improve their networks faster and more economically.

PhilTowers have sites across North and South Luzon. Their infrastructure range from 30 to 50-meter ground-based towers, rooftop solutions, and a number of street furniture microcell poles/Smart Poles.

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  1. I hope they install microcell poles in our village. Our village (Pamayanang Diego Silang) is a deadspot