Carlo Acutis was an Italian computer programmer who died of leukemia in 2006 at the young age of 15. Now, he’s slated to be the very first millennial to become a saint.

Acutis made a website that documented miracles and also helped Catholic organizations to run their websites. The teenager was also active in charity work and spends his own time and money to volunteer. These garnered him the title “the Patron Saint of the Internet”.

With that, last Saturday, beatification for the late teenager was held at Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in Italy. It displayed a portrait of Acutis wearing a casual red polo shirt with a halo light radiating from the back of his head.

For a quick background, Beatification for the Catholic church is the last step required before someone can enter sainthood. There’s need to be a miracle to happen that’s attributed from a prayer made to the person.

Image: The Vatican News

The church says that Acutis’ miracle happened in 2013 when he answered a prayer that helped save the life of a Brazilian boy that suffered from a rare pancreatic disease.

A second miracle is required before Acutis can enter sainthood, which the Pope can occasionally wave.

As per his mother, Antonia Salzano, Acutis already performed another miracle when her son prayed to the Madonna of Pompeii to cure a cancer woman when he was still alive.

In Catholic tradition, Carlo Acutis’ body was exhumed and now lying in a glass tomb for pilgrims to venerate. His heart is then displayed in the basilica of St. Francis as a religious relic.

Church leader Pope Francis hailed Acutis as a role model for the Catholic youth.

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