Living in a tropical country like the Philippines have its pros and cons. Sure, we don’t freeze to death unlike most countries, but the all-year heat, sometimes even in the rainy season, is almost unbearable. Thankfully, the clever guys from Sony created the Reon Pocket.

Initially introduced for the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Sony‘s wearable personal air conditioner hits the consumer market as the Sony Reon Pocket.

It uses a Peltier effect that Sony claims can cool the body temperature by up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, even when it’s sunny outside.

The Reon Pocket is accompanied with a special t-shirt, with a small pocket on the back to slot this tiny aircon on. The device itself looks and almost the size of an Apple Magic Mouse, which should be portable enough to be not distracting.


The shirt has a tiny hole on the outside. This is where the fan vents will air out the heat from the inside, as it brings coolness on the inside.

There’s a companion app compatible with Android and iOS devices. In here, you can manually adjust the temperature, or set it to auto mode that utilizes the built-in motion and temperature sensors to detect your activity and ambient temperature and adjust to the comfortable level.


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Alternatively, you can flip the Sony Reon Pocket to use it as a heater during the cold season. However, just like most smart devices, battery is still its main limitation. Sony said that it can only last for two to four hours on a single charge. Still, that should be enough to get you through your commute or supply run during the pandemic.

The Sony Reon Pocket is available in Amazon Japan for JPY13,350 (around Php7,900 when directly converted) while the t-shirt companion costs JPY1,980 a piece, or about Php900.

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