So you finally got the new MyPhone A919 Duo, huh? If you want to quickly find those cool tweaks and install them on your phone, then you have to root your MyPhone A919 Duo first. Most advanced mods require root access on the android phone so before you jump into the plunge, you have to learn how to root MyPhone A919 Duo.

IMPORTANT: will not be responsible for any possible damage that may happen to your device in case something goes wrong. ROOTING VOIDS YOUR PHONE’S WARRANTY. ROOT AT YOUR OWN RISK.


If you’ve already made up your mind and you want to proceed, then read on below to know how to root MyPhone A919 Duo. Let’s start.

Tutorial on rooting MyPhone A919 Duo

1. Download PDANET for Windows HERE.

2. Don’t connect your MyPhone A919 Duo on your computer yet. Follow the instructions on how to install PDANET and when asked on which phone are you using, choose “Other brands”.

3. In your phone, go to Settings > Developer Options > Check USB Debugging.

4. Wait for the installation of the phone’s drivers. It will prompt a message once it is finished.

5. Download the needed file through this link.

6. Unzip the file and double click on the “RUNME.BAT” file. The command prompt will appear and press “1” and hit enter.

7. Wait for the command prompt to say that you have to restore your MyPhone A919 Duo. Go over your phone and hit “Restore my Data”. It will reboot and the command promopt will require you to press any key. Wait for the smartphone to turn on.

8. VOILA! You now have a rooted MyPhone A919 Duo.

Now that you’ve successfully rooted the MyPhone A919 Duo, your phone is now free of restrictions and you can now modify it in every way that you want. You have to be more careful, though, since you now have access to system files and one wrong move could possibly make your phone useless.

Credits to: Mon Barbeche

Thanks, Mon!

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