It’s been a long time since MyPhone launched a new android phone but that doesn’t seem to hinder them from taking over the smartphone market. MyPhone A919i Duo, the follow-up to the highly successful A919 Duo, is now here and it got a very warm treatment on its first day sale.

Last year, we’ve seen the enormous growth of the affordable dual-core android phones that were released in the PH market and that trend obviously continued until the early part of 2013. But that didn’t stopped there. There were incremental improvements here and there in terms of resolution, processing power, RAM, and OS.

However, they aren’t really that huge to go gaga for. MyPhone decided to take a couple months of break in releasing new devices as they work in bringing more powerful smartphones in the market.

Fast forward to May 2013, after 5 grueling months of waiting, MyPhone launched the first ever android phone with a HD IPS display and quad-core processor of a local brand. Arguably the best local android phone out in the market, other android phones were left out in the speed category. But how good of a deal is the MyPhone A919i Duo? What are the pros and cons that you need to consider? To help you decide on your purchase, read our full review below.

What’s in the box?

The packaging of the MyPhone A919i isn’t premium and it’s the typical MyPhone box that other phones also come with. It’s not an issue though they could have at least tried to give a special treatment since it’s their new flagship device.

The typical contents are present such as the unit, microUSB cable, charger, earphones, manuals, and warranty card. It comes with the standard accessories but it doesn’t have a free microSD card which we wished to be included as it is used to store the Pinoy app contents. So in case you’re wondering why the Pinoy app is empty, that’s because it should be placed on your microSD card first so that it would work.

Box contents of MyPhone A919i Duo

One thing I liked about MyPhone is that their accessories are very durable. The microUSB cable is very solid and it’s on par from other international brands’ version. In an android phone, having a reliable microUSB cable is very important as it’s often used in flashing custom ROMs and transferring files and of course, in charging.

The black and white

MyPhone A919i Duo comes in white and black and to help you decide which looks better, check out the photo below. The black variant has a glossy back case while the white one comes with matte finish. The display looks gorgeous in both colors though I have to admit that it looks a bit better on the black due to the black bezel. However, despite all that, I chose the white version as I liked the matte finish more. Here are two photos of the two variants in their front and back view.

Black and White MyPhone A919i Duo

White and Black version of MP A919i Duo

Hardware and Design

The MyPhone A919i Duo is mostly made up of plastic and it sports the typical design that could make people ask you “Is that a Galaxy S3/4?”. We can’t really do anything about that as it’s the common nature of people who are not much into tech. But it’s actually not a bad thing, as that only mean that the phone looks good enough to achieve that kind of complement.

MyPhone A919i Review, Specs, Price

The MyPhone A919i Duo measures 144 x 74 x 10.7 mm and it’s just right for a 5-inch device though we hoped that it would be a couple of mm slimmer. As compared to the Galaxy S4’s 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm, it’s clear that it’s thicker but again, it’s not disappointing. It weighs 156 g which I think is quite a turn off since it’s not proportion to its body. It lacks some heft that would help it feel more sturdy.

Sides shots

The front of MyPhone A919i are dominated by the 5-inch HD IPS display, 2-megapixel front camera, capacitive buttons, and sensors. Fortunately, the bezels are thinner than the original MyPhone A919 Duo which critics pointed out as a flaw. It’s just average which still makes it beautiful to look at. The menu, home, and back buttons are positioned just under the screen while the front facing camera, light sensor, and proximity sensor are on the top right corner of the phone.

Back of MyPhone A919i Duo

At the back, we can find the 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash. The Philippine map is still on the middle of the back case with the MyPhone branding on top of it. The speakers are located down below which I think isn’t positioned correctly because it will easily be covered when watching videos on portrait mode. The back cover has a matte finish so it’s not a fingerprint magnet unlike the black variant. I would still recommend wiping it regularly though.

MyPhone A919i Duo Price and Availability

The wider display makes it harder to use single handedly, but that’s already given if you’ll switch to a device this large. To be honest, I’m also using my 5-inch android phones with two hands most of the time as it’s more ideal and it’ll result in better productivity. At first you’ll be scared by the fact that you’ll be carrying a 5-inch smartphone on your pocket but you’ll eventually get used to it – trust me.

[scrollGallery id=4]

Overall, the build quality is just adequate for the price and it’s more than what we paid for. There are point of improvements to be considered but it’s actually more of a personal opinion. The design and build isn’t exactly the best asset (the performance is!) of the MyPhone A919i but it did quite well in this category.

Display: Beautiful and vibrant 5-inch HD IPS screen

MyPhone A919i Duo isn’t the first handset to sport a high definition IPS display among other local brands but it’s still a great addition nonetheless. Unfortunately, it’s not scratch resistant so buying a screen protector right after acquiring it is a must so you won’t risk it in having scratches – unless you’re adventurous.

MyPhone A919i Duo

[three_fifth]It’s one of the brightest displays among all the smartphones we’ve reviewed in this site so far.[/three_fifth]

The 5-inch screen gives a high pixel density of 294ppi and in real life it translates to a clear and bright display. Oh, I mean very bright. Viewing angles are wide and it’s appropriate for a 5-inch device as you’ll be sharing it with your friends most of the time when watching videos and playing games. In direct sunlight, the display is still clear and I’m not having visibility problems especially when the brightness is maxed out unlike on other handsets without IPS panel and with mediocre displays. In extreme cases, I’m having troubles if I’m not on a bright background.

The screen size puts it against other android phones like the Galaxy S3, but it’s slightly larger making its way to the phablet category. The larger screen estate enables you to do more as there will be more content on the screen. Viewing webpages, for one, is very good thanks to its HD display as small text is still very recognizable.

Apart from the quad-core processor, this is probably the MyPhone A919i’s selling point as it’s incredibly vibrant and sharp.

Tip: If you’ll buy a screen protector, choose a clear type. Having a matte protector will blur your screen a bit and you won’t feel the HD display that much. However, if you’re more comfortable with a matte screen protector as it gives you more protection, then go for it.

OS, UI: Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

We’re now moving on and we’re about ready to take Jelly Bean even on the affordable segment. Lots of android phones have recently been upgraded to Jelly Bean and it’s a good thing that our local market are now building up its adaptation of the said OS.

MyPhone A919i Duo comes with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which is one of the latest among local android phones. Of course, it comes with all the Jelly Bean goodness and Project Butter. The experience is very fluid and smooth and I haven’t experienced any significant lags or slow downs.

The UI is not that customized and it’s more of stock android. There are some changed icons like the Gallery, Camera, Messaging, and other apps but the apps are all stock too. The additional MyPhone wallpapers and flavor were also included in but that didn’t ruined the environment.

The stock launcher is very basic, and it’s something I would love to replace with something like Apex and Nova. The most used functions are there, but for those who want more, and to fully take advantage of what android customizations offer, you’ve got to find something elsewhere.MyPhone-apps-bloatwares-screenshot

Aside from the customized icons, there are also some apps which MyPhone decided to include. It comes with ChatBeat Karaoke, MyPhone Live, and Pinoy app which contains the Pinoy quotes, jokes, riddles, and history. Unfortunately, there is no free microSD card included so you would need to go to MyPhone to download the contents to your sd card separately as you won’t have it right after purchase. Or if you already have one with you,  you can directly go to their service center and ask them to have it placed on your portable storage.

For geeks who like to have one of the latest iteration of Android, this device will be updated to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean in the future.

Entertainment: A Powerhouse

Being a 5-inch android phone means that you’ll eventually pour tons of multimedia content to help kill some time when you have less busy days, or when you’re just plainly lazy.

Watching a movie together or by group is doable, especially because of the wide-viewing angles given by the IPS display. The MyPhone A919i can play 720p videos and as well as 1080p clips so you can take full advantage of the clarity it can give you. The sound produced by the speakers are adequate enough for a small group consumption but when you have a bigger crowd, I will suggest that you connect it to an external speaker.

Video Player Test

As a music player, it’s just like any other android phone. It has the stock android music player installed so expect the typical options such as the sound effects which enables you to fiddle with the equalizer to your heart’s desire. Other than that, you can navigate through all your songs by artists, albums, or all of the music. If you have time, you can also create your own playlist so that you can make one which you can use for each time of the day, or depending on your mood.

Music Player Settings

In case you’ve owned a locally branded android phone before, you might know that it’s not always compatible to all earphones out there. Particularly, it’s not working with high end earphones such as JAYS and Sennheisers. Upon further observation, the jack of the included headset in the package is noticeably shorter than most standard 3.5mm jacks which explains the incompatibility.

Well, it will not only let you watch awesome videos, it will also let you create your own masterpiece or memorable moment through its almost impeccable camera.

Camera: Almost as good as a point and shoot camera

The camera of MyPhone A919i is very good though I don’t really like the camera app they bundled with the phone. It’s not the stock Jelly Bean app which I liked better.

A919i Camera

The camera button and video recording are placed beside each other which I’m not used to. If it will be used to take high quality selfies through its 8-megapixel rear camera, it’ll be hard to tap the correct button. It takes a little getting used to but for me I’ll be more comfortable if they are separated. At first I find it useful but the more I use it the more I realized that they shouldn’t be side by side.


Moving on, the imaging quality of the MyPhone A919i is really nice especially on good lighting conditions. The autofocus locks fast enough for a quick stolen shot that you might want to pull off. The shutter is speedy and is almost instant with no lag. However, taking multiple shots is not that good because there is a half a second used for saving images. But fortunately, you can opt to use the burst shot feature so you can take 4-16 photos quickly.

Camera Settings, Viewfinder

One great addition that MyPhone put on their camera app is the feature which can alter the image and make a face smoother, removing the pimples and whatnot. You see, it’s helpful for those who want to smoothen some rough places on their face. Unfortunately, one key highlight is missing – Panorama.

But on the good side, all these software limitations can easily be solved by installing an app like Camera 360 which gives a wide range of filters, effects, and scenes which you can choose from to glorify any image you have.

The handset also lacks a dedicated camera button, but the volume buttons can be used to take photos. Yes, pressing either of the two will take a shot. My frustration from the position of camera and video recording button was finally solved. Check out some of the photos we took using the MyPhone A919i.

[scrollGallery id=3]

As for the video recording, it can record up to 1080p of full HD pixel resolution. However, it doesn’t fully use the sensor and only a small part of it was used. The video looks like it zooms in when it starts to record which often leads to a cropped version of the whole scene you’re trying to capture. Apparently, due to a different processing in the backend like on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 which makes the FOV narrower, it works that way. So in case you’re bothered by it, don’t worry as it’s a feature. Thanks Kyle!

[two_fifth]It can sometimes replace your handy point and shoot camera.[/two_fifth]

Summing it up, the camera of the MyPhone A919i Duo is very satisfying and it’s more than what we could expect for its price. It can sometimes replace your handy point and shoot camera but it’s best to still keep it since this has just average low light performance as opposed to strong the flash equipped with digital cameras.

Hardware upgrade on CPU, GPU, and RAM

MyPhone A919i Duo is the very first local android phone to sport Mediatek’s MT6589 Cortex A7 processor which is one of the most formidable budget quad-cores SoC in the market. The said processor is often used in mid-range to high-end smartphones because of its relatively good performance.

MT6589 is an ARM Cortex A7 which is one of the most power-efficient processor from ARM. It is also the successor of the popular MT6577 which we saw in the MyPhone A919 Duo and MyPhone A888 Duo and a large pool of other android phones. Being an Cortext A7 doesn’t mean that it’s slow, but rather more of being battery friendly while still keeping sufficient power. If you can recall, the Exynos 54410 Octa of the Galaxy S4 uses two quad-core processors: 4 Cortex A-15 and 4 Cortex A-7. The more demanding tasks were shouldered by the faster processor and when the overwhelming power is not needed the system will resort to the power efficient processors.

CPU, GPU, RAM, System info

To give you an idea, the benchmarks of MT6589 is way above the performance of the dual-core Cortex A9 MT6577. In fact, it’s almost double based on the AnTuTu benchmarks.

MT6577 used to work great on affordable devices but it’s already showing signs of slow down especially on HD displays. That’s probably because it’s not made to power that much pixels as it’s too demanding for its capabilities. It’s more optimized for lower resolutions such as WVGA and FWVGA that’s why they are smoother than devices with the same configuration but different resolution.

MyPhone A919i has a PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU and we did quite a research to have more information. Based on our findings, the GPU of the MP A919i is a single core but that doesn’t mean that it’s slow. In fact, it’s still fast enough to handle graphics extensive games which we’ll explain later on. The sources for this GPU is very scarce and some claim that it’s a dual-core so we’ll update this part when something comes up. If you have a solid information about this, kindly tip us about it.

Messaging / Telephony

Texting is obviously comfortable with the MyPhone A919i Duo as it has a big real estate that your fingers can roam around to. Unlike 4-inchers, I haven’t experienced troubles with the keyboard as it’s large enough for me to accurately hit each key with few minor mistakes.

Messaging and Telephony of MyPhone A919i Duo

[three_fifth]What I like most is the message ring right in the lockscreen that enables you to go to your new message directly by swiping the message icon down to the center.[/three_fifth]

The messaging app is heavily customized as MyPhone decided to include a built-in emoji support. In the settings, you can also change the wallpaper of the chat area so that you can customize it to your liking. Another addition is the pop up message notification so that you could instantly see your text message. But if you’re uncomfortable with it for privacy reasons, you can switch it off in the settings. What I like most is the message ring right in the lockscreen that enables you to go to your new message directly by swiping the message icon down to the center. It’s very useful and convenient especially when you’re busy. However, this change also removed the quick toggle to Google Now by swiping up from the lockscreen.

Voice calls are very good though sometimes I feel like its volume is kinda low. But other than that, the voice come out crisp and clear so I haven’t faced dropped calls. Everything is working fine as usual. The color of the dialer was slightly modified and they’ve included some shades of green.

Connectivity: HSPA+, WiFi, Bluetooth

In terms of internet connectivity, I’m very much impressed because it packs HSPA+ so that means you’ll get access to high-speed internet connection whenever it’s available. Or in case you’re more of a WiFi guy or gal, then I’ll assure you that it locks in very fast and the range is wide enough for a large to medium house or room. Even if I’m far and a thick wall is in the middle, the handset still get a good signal.

WiFi analyzer on MP A919i Duo

Left: Around 4 feet beside the hotspot. Right: Approximately 25 feet with walls in between.

When browsing our favorite social networks, I’ve enjoyed most of it due to the number of content which is easily accessible in the screen. The text and images are crisp too and it’s ideal for day and night time Facebook and Twitter surfing. When you find yourself in the middle of the night scouring the web on this phone, you should use the Screen Filter app so you could protect your eyes from excessive light.

WiFi and 3G of MP A919i

I’ve used mobile internet a couple of times too and as I’ve said in my past reviews, I usually check my email and social networking accounts for any important updates even if I’m out and on the road. The access point names were automatically there like any other android phones so all I needed was a regular load or a mobile data subscription. I can switch to GSM and WCDMA or turn to WCDMA only if I really need a fast connection. Only SIM 1 has access to HSPA+ while the SIM 2 is limited to EDGE.

The mobile internet speed was fast but that’s mainly because my connection on the network I’m using is fast on our area. But we still have to give credit to the MyPhone A919i for being snappy and it’s ability to multitask several apps is really relieving if you’re going from an android phone with lower RAM which I assume is a headache at times.

General Performance: It’s Fast!

During our tests, we experienced 1 second to zero lag. Meaning, the quad-core processor lived up to the expectation of being one. Navigating on the UI and launching apps were quick and there’s no stutters that could possibly bother you on your tasks. There are some occasions though that it will take 1 second to do or open something which isn’t bad at all.

Apps and games for MyPhone A919i Duo

Multitasking is extremely awesome as you can run multiple apps easily and it won’t slow down. You can browse the web, use Twitter, and play a game all at once and you can still access each of them without needing to start over thanks to its 1GB of RAM. For students doing research and homeworks, it can handle a floating browser and your favorite office editing app simultaneously.

Overall, the MyPhone A919i gives top-notch performance and it can handle almost anything you throw at it. But if in case you’re a gamer, read on our thoughts about it below.

Gaming: Almost Perfect, But not quite

The MyPhone A919i is really a good companion for people who loves playing games on their smartphones. But as the title suggests, there is one major problem that you have to face. Of course, there is always a workaround, but typical users don’t bother doing it in fear of damaging their handset. Before going to that part, let’s first discuss how well it handles high-end games.

Punch hero

MyPhone A919i Duo is probably the best local android phone for gaming. With the help of its powerful 1.2GHz quad-core processor and PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU, the handset was able to play our favorite games used for testing the gaming prowess of a particular android device.

I first tested NBA 2k13 and I found myself playing a whole game because the gameplay was very smooth and I haven’t experienced lags or frame skips. The experience I had was more than satisfying considering first generation pinoy android phones were sort of laggy on this game when their configuration is by default.

Download Temple Run 2

Okay, who wouldn’t try Temple Run 2? I know a lot of people who buy phones when they can play Temple Run with it. As expected, it was smooth as dual-core android phones never had any difficulty running it.

Next is Dead Trigger. It’s actually not one of the most resource intensive games out there, but it’s still quite a capable game for good measurement of the gaming capabilities of a smartphone. The controls are quite comfortable to use as the 5-inch display is ample enough to move around my finger back and forth.

Beach Buggy Blitz Racing Game Download

For a racing game, I picked Beach Buggy Blitz. The game is unsurprisingly fluid as well and the graphics doesn’t suffer from glitches. The sensor used for turning the vehicle from left to right is accurate and in case you prefer to touch the screen for your controls, you can tweak that in the options of the game.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Android

All these games run nicely on MyPhone A919i but there is one major flaw that could restrain you from enjoying gaming on this phone. It cannot save an app or game directly to the microSD card.

I’ve tried downloading huge games such as Blitz Brigade and GTA Vice City to no avail. This is partly due to the limited internal storage of the handset and as well as the inability to move apps to the external storage. Instead, it can only be saved on the ‘phone storage’ which is relatively part of the internal as well.

Punch hero game

The internal storage which is often used for apps has a size of 980MB while the phone storage the can store your files and other multimedia contents (and apps, too) has a total of 1.77GB. By just looking at the numbers, you’ll probably expect that you can only store 2-3 HD games at most. It cannot store apps and games to the memory card. As what I’ve said a while ago, there is a workaround by pushing the files through our microSD card or by swapping or repartition our storage but that’s too complicated for typical users. These solutions require rooting the device which can possibly harm the handset if not done properly. But if you’ll go for it, you can fully enjoy gaming on this handset. Beware though, as rooting voids your warranty.

Benchmarks Results: Soaring high

I’m never really fond of relying on benchmark results but since most of our readers ask us about it, we have to test it. Just like on our previous reviews, we’ll just use the top benchmarking apps on Android.

AnTuTu benchmarks of MyPhone A919i Micromax Canvas 116 HD

Our first test was made on AnTuTu and it scored 12,630 which is fairly high for its configuration. It was just under the Google Nexus 7 which is considered as a beast already.


On Quadrant Standard, it scored 3708 which is slightly lower than the score of the ASUS Transformer Prime and above the Atrix 4G.

Screenshot_2013-05-03-15-57-34 (600x338)

Lastly, we tested the A919i Duo on NenaMark v2. We ran it 3 times and we got a result of 37.2 which tops the LG Optimus 2x and was behind by 8 points on the Galaxy S2.

As you can see, the results we got were really convincing and I must say that these numbers are also seen in real world usage. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this badboy is fast.

4GB Internal Storage: Why you have less space?

I have decided to insert this little section as I assume most of you could possibly miss the storage talk I did earlier. Well, one of the common complaints about smartphones is that they don’t come with the advertised internal storage. Little did consumers know that the other ‘missing’ memory is used by the system. It has a total of 4GB but the inaccessible amount is reserved for the system.


In MyPhone A919i Duo’s case, the 4GB internal memory totals to only 2.75GB. The internal storage which is used to store apps and games has 0.98GB while the phone storage was given 1.77GB. If you’re still asking why you don’t have ‘4GB’ of storage, read the first paragraph again.

Battery life: Just enough for a day

Battery life is one of the common issues on most android phones and while the 2000mAh of the MyPhone A919i Duo seems too small for an android phone of its caliber, I’m glad that it did surprised us on how well it handled it.

As explained earlier, the quad-core processor of the A919i is power-efficient so that means it’s not a battery hog despite having four cores. It didn’t disappoint me though they could have lowered the minimum CPU frequency so that it can preserve more. Currently, it’s clocked at 497.25MHz as per Quadrant Standard and AnTuTu. Anyway, I think this move was relevant in keeping the device fast.

Before moving to this unit, I was handling an android phone with a shorter battery life and another with an awesome uptime. The MyPhone A919i Duo stands in between, but sometimes leans more to the better battery life.

Battery life of MyPhone A919i

As for my usage, I used WiFi for around 5 hours, played several games for a total of 1 hour, tons of texts and calls, and alternating minimum to maximum brightness – I was able to squeeze in one full day. The image above shows how my battery usage was for the past few days courtesy of battery drain analyzer. During the last three days, I played more that’s why it got shorter uptime. The average battery life we got is 18 hours and 10 minutes.

For the record, the battery life is above standard and unless you’re very picky about it, you won’t find it as a shortcoming. But for me, the uptime was more than enough and as you can see on the screenshot above, I was able to get 11 hours on heavy usage and the majority of it I was even playing almost non stop with WiFi turned on.

Verdict: A Superphone of its own

MyPhone A919i Review

MyPhone A919i is the best android phone in the local scene right now in terms of performance and no one can argue with that. Even with the recent announcement of the Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0, the A919i definitely tops it by a mile as the Snapdragon processor used in that device is rather slow as compared to the MT6589.

Specs and Features of MyPhone A919i

MyPhone A919i Duo Specs

  • Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean

  • 5-inch HD (1280×720) IPS Display, 16M colors, ~294 ppi pixel density

  • MTK MT6589 1.2GHz quad-core processor, Cortex-A7

  • PowerVR SGX544

  • 1GB RAM

  • 4GB internal memory

  • microSD support up to 32GB

  • 8-megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash

  • 720p HD video recording at 30fps

  • 2-megapixel front camera

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot

  • HSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA, 11 Mbps

  • Bluetooth v4.0

  • microUSB v2.0


  • GPS, A-GPS

  • Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity

  • Dimensions: 144 x 74 x 10.7 mm (5.67 x 2.91 x 0.42 in)

  • Weight: 156 g

  • Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery

MyPhone A919i Review

The build was just right on its price tag but we would have wished something better. I’ve found a solution on this and it’s a simple hard case. Putting it on the handset gives a more sturdy feel which it lacked in our first meeting. But, the boost in performance and HD display are the main assets that would hook you up on this device anyway.

[scrollGallery id=5]

One contender that can possibly go head to head with MyPhone A919i is the O+ 8.15 which was launched last Saturday but it costs Php3,000 more. It has the same processor and GPU so if you’re just after a fast and fluid performance and with a limited budget, I’d say no look further than the MyPhone A919i Duo.

The MyPhone A919i Duo sure has its own shortcomings like any other android phone but it’s easy to shrugged off when you get the hang of it. After all, this baby costs less than Php10k and some even got it for only Php7,900 during the launch sale.

All things considered, I wouldn’t really think twice on recommending the MyPhone A919i to anyone as it’s really very competitive for its price point. You get an acceptable build, beautiful HD IPS display, mighty quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean out of the box for only Php9,590. For now, you can’t find a better deal than that.

PRICE UPDATE: Now only ~Php6,500!

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      i’d say Lenovo P770 because of the battery and good after sales support >:)

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      Alcatel One Touch Scribe HD! That’s what i prefer!

  • Is the inability to install to SD due to the JB OS?

    • lolo tekiiiiii

      No pwede siya sa ibang brands eh like O+.

    • Jellybeand

      I guess 4.1.2 hindi talaga kaya pero 4.2.1 yata kaya na hmmm what if kung lalabas na ang klp(keylime pie) pwedekaya sya ma upgrade into that

  • agustin

    eto po ba yung inindorso ni daniel padilla sa tv? hmm.. BMB. :)

    • YUJI

      opo.. yan po

      • agustin

        ah. ok salamat po :)

  • makk

    (For geeks who like to have one of the latest iteration of Android, this device will be updated to Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean in the future.)

    -Sigurado po ba talaga ang update? saan niyo po nalaman? or any patunay?

    • I’ve been told by MyPhone so that’s 99.9% sure.

      • makk

        ahh ok po, naninigurado lang. :D
        ok lang po ba kahit hindi Scratch Resistant?

  • Marvin

    Very nice review. Very informative. Regarding GPU’s, this phone’s GPU, as stated, is PowerVR SGX 544MP. This type of GPU comes in multi core variants. The absence of a digit after “P” indicates a single core variant. Samsung galaxy S4 sports a SGX544MP3 clocked at 533 MHz, indicating that its GPU has 3 cores. So, a919i gpu is single core.

    Pangarap na lang ata itong phone para sakin. Hehehehe. Anyway, pag iipunan ko ito. Maganda ang specs.

    • Yeah that’s why we assumed that it’s a single core.

      • osiris

        dude ..close ang thread sa O+ 8.15 .. dito nlng aku mag tatanong .. mag fufull review buh kau about sa O+8.15 ? myphone sna yung bibilhin ko kaso .na tempt aku sa 8GB ni O .. sana nman full review nyo yun thanks po :)

        • Hi,

          Yes, we have a unit na po and we’ll review it. :D

          • Pat Anthony Bongolan

            ung difference na 2k+ ng o+8.15 sa a919i duo 8gb internal at free 8gb sd card. pero sa 2k na difference na un pag a919i ang binili mo at gusto mo ng malaking storage kanu lang naman 32gb ngaun? wala pang 1k

          • Jellybeans

            Well i think the main problem about myphone is the fact that you cant move the apps to sd which i dont know din naman kay oplus kung kaya

  • olive

    hi ask ko lang kung magkanu sia kase parang walng nka lagay na price? gusto ko bumili nito

    • yan

      Php9,590 po nakalagay sa baba >:)

  • mark

    led flash tsaka led indicator po ba yung 2 small circle sa front ng phone?

  • mark

    light sensor pala tska proximity sensor. akala ko flash tsaka indicator. tsk

  • agustin

    mas malaki po ba ang screen ng myphone a919i keysa sa alcatel one touch idol ultra??? Beep me back:)

  • Anna

    Q: not really getting this whole no-apps-in-the-memcard thing. I want a bigger screen, mainly for reading, and if I wanted to keep ebooks on the phone, does that mean that, since the ebook app cannot be stored in the memcard, that the ebook files that run on the app cannot be stored on there as well?

    • epiquestions

      A: Nope. The app is installed in the internal storage but it scans the external sdcard for ebooks as well so it doesn’t matter where you store the ebook. Same with your music player. The app can be installed in the internal storage while the mp3s are in the external sdcard and the application won’t have problems finding it. There are some apps that installs in the internal storage by default and can’t be moved to the external sdcard. The problem is if the app (mostly HD games) can’t be moved it would take up space in the internal storage, and you won’t have much space left to install apps. Sometimes you might get an insufficient storage error when downloading and installing huge apps from the playstore because of this. And like the author said the work around is a little too technical for most users. I have a CM Flare with a 32GB memory card and I don’t have problems installing huge games, storing ebooks and music even before I rooted my phone.

      • Jellybeans

        Meaning by rooting the phone and using lnk2sd is that it?

  • erwin

    ilove my phone talaga naguguluhan lang ako f ito bibilhin ko myphone a919, a919i or lenovo s880.. haixt.. ang cp ko now myphone tw1 eh kaso papalitan ko na i have now 10k pero na guguluhan ako titingin ako tom sa sm north

  • GabbyU

    Very detailed review, thanks. Can you pls advise on the specific frequencies of the 2G and 3G bands, eg is it 700/800/850/900/1800/1900/2100? There is no mention of these very important information either on the box or the instruction leaflet. It only mentions Quad-band (2G) and Tri-band (3G). Considering that people might be buying this unit for overseas, I find it surprising that MyPhone hasn’t find it necessary to provide these important info. After all, not all GSM countries use the same 2G or 3G bands.

    • Sunshine Reyes

      hi. nasagot na po ba itong inquiry mo? Ok po kaya ito dito sa UAE?

  • Stu

    its going to be A919i over Galaxy Grand for me!!!

  • Jessica Kristine C. Villacrusi

    How much is the Myphone A919i Duo?

  • tines

    the myphone app is empty? how can I get its contents? from the store where i bought my phone said that they dont know how to install the contents cause A919i duo has a different format because its the latest. what can i do about it? :(

    • Dea Rose

      nasa micro SD po nila un. bili ka ng micro SD sa kanila

  • Pat Anthony Bongolan

    as in ba na hindi makakastore ng games sa sd card?o pwede ilipat ung nasa internal storage na games sa sd card????

  • Aaron Ballesteros

    Hindi po ba gasgasin ang sides nito?

  • jevon

    pwide ba palitan ang Message Alert tone ng a919i Dou ?
    kabibili ko lang kasi and di ko makita panu palitan ang Message Alert Tone

    • Rose

      press mo po messaging icon,at the bottom left side ng home bottom press nyo po then select nyo settings, then notifications,then check nyo message notification then sa ringtone don po kyo pwd mag palit or pumili ng message tone na gusto nyo

  • simplynice93

    Most extensive and reliable review! Highly recommended!

  • anon

    wala po bang parehong specs nito but 4.5 yung size malaki na masyado yung 5 eh, my phone or cherry unit meron kaya

    • zero

      flame 2.0 po

    • michael

      samsung,,marami mapilian ka don…may 4.3″,4.5″.4.8″ sa a919i…kontnto na me…

  • jap.sawako

    Can i use free facebook by just turning on the Data connection sir ??

  • eijoj

    compatible po ba sya ng wechat na app?

    • Jellybeans

      Susmeng tanong yan jellybean na yan teh malamang sa malamang oo gingerbread nga kaya yan pa kayang jb omfg

      • John

        bwhahaha natawa nman ako sa comment mo sir xD

  • ryan

    hi…do you have any topics or links comparing O+8.15, myphone a919i and huawei honor 2??? coz i would like any of those phones but i could not compare them quite properly…i hope you can help…tnx….please email me me a link…tnx…

    • princess lea

      di maganda O+… sikat lang dahil ni richard yap. mag myphone a919i ka na nga lang.

  • Warguard

    Very constructive review….good to know I have options that are made locally….

  • Benson

    buti n lng good pick ako sa a919i. kaso ung flip cover nila ndi pa maganda. sana mgkron na ng mejo mtibay tibay ska ok na flip cover.

    • benok

      anung flip cover nsa pag iingat nmn yan eh

    • princess lea

      may mga nabibili nang knock offs ng flip cover sa ibang accessories stores, ah… check ka sa mga stores ng cyberzone area ng sm. mas maganda pa sa orig. try mo.

  • Dodi

    Been googling for my next smartphone project. Starmobile diamond v3/7 is (or was promising). Cherry mobile skyfire & blaze 2.0 was also a strong contender! BUT then saw this smartphone: THIS IS PERFECT FOR ME AS OF NOW!! Ilikeitsomuch!!!

    • Jest Apostol

      top choice ko dn to a919i… but still waiting fir SM diamond V7… ahehehee kung ung v7 around 12k better buy this a919i… too much expensive for local brand kc if 12k papatak ung v7

  • amy

    i bought one from Sulit merchant – he gave me warranty registration form but no receipt – paano ko kaya ipa-validate ? the phone’s working well

  • Trick

    Meron po ba tong LED Notification?

    • Ratson

      there a led notification on the top which represents with 2 color green and red. ^^

  • Kylie

    San nakakabili ng orig casing nito?

  • Ratson

    I’ve been using this phone for a month now and it does’nt disappoint me with its performance. Very nice and helpful review and I agree to what you have specified on your review on this handset.

    • khaki

      pwede po bang magtype ng docu dito? word po? at open ng office? pdf?ppt?doc?

      • kokeysilolo

        Yep download an office app at the store

  • im planning to buy this over samsung galaxy grand and lalo ako na inlove sa mp a919i duo because of this review! ang galing ng review,2nights ko xa nabasa ng buo, kc not familiar with the specs. tech noob much! very detailed and honest. thumbs up!

    • OHD 2.0

      This review was made before Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 was release. now nganga nalang tong phone na to lolz. Dragon Trail Glass, 12mp cam, Thinner body and bezel, nganga A919i.

      • Jugs

        NGANGA ang dead pixel ng omega hd.. dragon trail glass nga sa loob naman and sira.. hahahaha

      • Jellybeans

        Nga nga ang afterrsales ng cm NGANGA

        • Jest Apostol

          thats right … good features ang OMHD… pero aftersales… nganga.. aheeheheh

          • XD

            tama aftersales nganga haha!

      • JCatsuki

        Actually, sa price at dragon trail glass lang lamang ang OHD 2.0 .
        Mas energy eff po ang processor ni A919i so ung 100mah na lamang ni OHD2 sa batt ay di na comparable kay A919i.

        And di ko lang sure ay ung camera, may mga nagsasabi na 8mp lang tlga ang OHD2.0 at modified (Take note: 12mp cam mod) lang ito. Pero di pa naman confirmed yan.
        Yung processor plang ang sure na lamang ni A919i.

  • hehehe

    the article is fraught with grammatical errors.

    • princess lea

      huwag masyado snob… magaling nga sa grammar, kung ala namang alam sa sinasabi. madali naman i-edit ang composition basta maraming laman. you can help correct it instead of bashing.

      • hehehe

        I simply stated a fact. Just because it doesn’t sound nice, you automatically assume I am bashing the author. Shame on you.

        • Logic

          I think there is no need for the “Shame on you” part there.

        • revonne

          medyo offensive lang po talaga ung tone ng pagkakastate nyo po ng fact :) eh kung magaling naman po kayo sa grammar kaya nyo naman po cguro i state ung opinion in a polite manner right :)

          • Salvador Venturanza

            That is stupid. S/He didn’t say anything offensive or rude. Please stop policing opinions that don’t fit into your somewhat sensitive sensibilities.

    • jjvillamor

      well, this is not a review of the author’s grammar but the 919i’s features. Basta maganda ang review at naintindihan ng mga readers OK na kahit na broken english. hehe.


  • JHM

    Will this phone work in the USA?

    • Jest Apostol

      check if its quadband….

    • princess lea

      quadband na nga ata ito…

  • Jeza Alexa Malgapo

    Hello po. Sabi niyo po may lalabas na bagong MP A919i. Kailan po kaya yun? Kasi plano ko pong bumili nito pero iniipon ko palang po yung pambili ko. Eh baka po kasi kapag binili ko na ito eh ilabas na nila yung bago. So mas gusto ko sana yung bago. Haha! Pinagpipilian ko po kung anong brand ang bibilin ko eh. Kung itong MP A919i Duo or CM OHD 2.0. I’m going to support our own brand. Haha!

    Salamat po pala sa maganda review.

    • Jest Apostol

      this is a919i review… one of the thing you need to consider when buying phones… after sales support… thanks…

      • princess lea

        parang wala pa naman akong nakikitang masyadong violent reactions sa aftersales ng myphone… well, as compared to cherry mobile na panay reklamo na

        • Jest Apostol

          d ko nmn cnsabe na panget ang after sales ng myphone… cnsabe ko lang po na if you want to buy a new phone … isa dn sa i consider ung after sales… ive tried myphone and cherry… and no doubt about myphone support….thats why i recommend it to my friends na rin… and yes cherry mobile aftersales support is poor … thats all … ahehehee :)

    • michael

      sa a919i ka na,,,maganda kisa cm…

  • joama


    • princess lea

      lahat naman na ngayon, imposibleng walang halong china. kahit may-ari ng mga kompanyang ‘yan, nasa pinas nga, pero intsik pa din! lols… that’s really the deal, bro. you can’t ever avoid them in the equation as they’re now the top businessmen of this day. hopefully, pinoy’s can also rise above being top laborers of other countries. but there’s just a lot that needs to be done to make this happen. really sad.

      • jjvillamor

        That is the hard fact. Kung may German cellphone dito, at the least, I can guarantee that the battery is not made in Germany because as progressive as Germany is, they do not make batteries. German brand batteries are made in China and assembled in China. Not because Germany does not have the technology and not because labor in China is cheaper. But, among other reasons – taxes. Mas mababa ang taxes kung sa China galing ang battery internals like the lithium sheets which makes up the lithium battery.

        Matagal pa bago makamanufacture ng sariling produckto ang Pilipinas. Hangga’t hindi pa tayo industrialized third world country lang tayo. Sana kahit na celphones man lang good start na yan.

        My wife has a CM at gumaya ang bayaw ko. Mga mumurahing models lang as secondary pero they use it every day. Patriotic naman sila pero for aesthetic reasons ayaw kasi nila yung mapa sa likod ng MP. Ayaw ko rin kaya ikecase ko :D

        I am looking at a 919i or vortex.

        • Rampagelion

          okaaaaaaay. enough for the internet today. you guys are starting to sound like afro-american freedom fighters. sana eh wag lang matuloy sa pagiging “racist”.

    • Marion Benizano

      Your wrong..Products of myphone is manufactured here in the Philippines they just import the parts i guess and built it here. so gawang pinoy po sia. even its software is made by myphone programmers kaya nga po may mga pinoy apps na ndi mo makikita sa ibang local smartphones e.. I can prove this. go to Youtube and search for myphone a919i review-UNBOX. UNBOX is a video blog that tackles about new gadgets in the market..

      • jjvillamor

        Anong parts ang namanufacture dito at fully Filipino owned company ba ito? Saan ang assembly plant ng myphone?

        I support efforts to incorporate locally made materials, parts or software into locally branded celphones but tell us the local parts if any.

  • edward

    matibay ba tong a919i ? ung screen di ba ganun kadaling mabasag ?

  • PukingBasa

    you can also repartition the internal and the phone memory so that it would combine into a huge 3GB internal storage but it do requires rooting which means voiding of your warranty

  • jessica

    hello po,
    i have a question

    wen i open Pinoy application the information wont open, error says ” file is not present”, how do i fix this? thanks

  • jam

    boss pwede nyo dn po bang gawan ng review yung Skyworth X7010 QuadCore tablet?

    • princess lea

      yes, please… just saw this model recently out via lazada. mukhang ok s’ya, but would definitely appreciate an expert’s advice. thanks!

  • アルマ ジョエル

    GOOD PHONE!!! BUDGET agree! specs WOW na!!!! (kung nging scratch reesistant) lang sana!!!! OKS NA OKS!!! peu GREAT!!! I LUB THIS PHONE! ……. MP is sulit than to CM!!!

  • Maria

    this one is good..I will pick this as a gift for my mom..she want a phone like mine sgs4 eh may affordable naman pla..Check!!!

  • MhIk

    wow, better than galaxy grand… IMO!

  • nutcase

    How to trnasfer files and apps sa sd card? Full na kc memory ko and i cant transfer or direct na masave ung app sa sd card…

    • Liquidskin

      Link2SD ur phone must be rooted

  • kat-kat

    ‘ Good day po .. ask ko lang po kung ilang hours bago mafull ung battery nia ?
    thanks :)

    • michael

      2 to 3 hours,,,bili ka na,,,basta maganda subok ko na e…

  • michael

    i have an a a919i…maganda gamitin kysa cherry mobile….about charging,,,ma full sya wth in 2 to 3hrs,,,

    • beverly

      matagal ba xia ma lowbat?

  • Jade

    hi po, may document editor ba ang unit na to ng myphone? tnx!


    hi sa video nito pwede ba ang AVI XVID. tnx

  • John Andre San Juan

    ganda ! ng REVIEW nakakaenganyong bilhin hehe

  • jericho

    magkkaroon pa po kaya ng trade in madness ang myphone ngayong 2013?

  • siopawman

    ilan mAh/Ah po ang output ng wall charger? thanks.

  • XD

    kung aq sainyo sa O+8.15 nlng kayo mas ok sa lahat ng specs ska chipset

    smooth tlaga ni d pa q nkakafeel kahit anung lag 1gb ram+8gb(6gb available) internal storage+1.2ghz jellybean v4.2 san kpa :)

    • XXD

      4.2 na yan luma na yung review and right now 32gig storage ko for apps and multimedia san ka pa

    • Archel Prinny Dood Barayoga

      Eh mahal eh

  • ~.~

    may adobe flash player bang naka instal na dito? if wala may compatible ba for this phone?

  • lala

    hello po.. can i ask? pano po kumuha ng screenshot with this phone? pls answer po..

    • jb

      Press the volume down and the power buttons at the same time. Hold on till it shows you your shot.. ;)

  • gino d

    my camera images are flipped. how to correct this issue?

    • jb

      R u using camera 360?

  • kimmy

    magkano nato ngayong ber months ?

  • Android

    Is it true that this phone has a gyro sensor? yan kasi ang missing sa mga local branded phones ngayon e. Most people mistake gyro to accelerometer haha. Please sa mga meron neto can you download Android Sensor Box and confirm kung meron nga talagang gyro tong phone and maybe post a screenshot :) Its really nice pero andaming choices ngayon at gusto ko lang talagang makasigurado thanks!

  • jay

    hi there…patulong naman…wala kasi sa manual e.
    “paano po ba mag forward ng sms sa phone na to?”
    wala akong nakitang “edit” nor “forward” option sa messaging e…
    thank you.. :)

    • jay

      no need….i got it na ! hahahaha
      thanks po.

  • AusPinay

    do both sim run in 3G?

  • Teyob Ortsac

    try arc memo same specs low price

  • jb

    Hi! Does anyone here knows how the USB OTG of this phone works? Your reply is very much appreciated. Thanks!

    • kebin

      devices that have OTG can detect a flash drive using a special adaptor… In other words, you can access your usb pendrive from your phone

  • rank

    Bought this phone, so far, it works great. My only issues are the volume (it’s too soft kahit nakafull volume na), low internal storage (mukhang kelangan magroot para mamaximize ang microSD) and it took a long time to charge the phone (+2hours). Anyway, everything else is good. Ganda ng screen and resolution. I can watch 1080p videos smoothly. Ok ang tethering. Ok ang pagconnect sa wifi, ok rin ang 3G connection.

    • fone_addictus

      i agree. same observation to this phone

    • ❤★ Ma. Riza ツ

      mga ilang games po kayang isave? :)

      • rank

        mga games ko kasi mga hindi storage intensive. ang mga heavy graphics games ko nasa tablet. so pang light games, music at internet lang talaga sya.

  • danica

    Where did you buy the hard case?

  • Jennnifer

    how much?

  • cujo

    sa myphone store mismo, P7990 na lang sya. eto na yung permanent price nya. nakita ko sa myphone robinson’s galleria.

  • chinita

    regular sim po ba ang gamit or micro sim? thanks…

  • Jdockzdas Dockzbass

    may bagong bili akong a919i ,, JB 4.2.1 ,, updated na

  • Marconochi

    dear author,

    Thanks for the info. very informing. keep it up!

  • Marconochi

    Dear Author,

    Thanks for the info. very useful.

    Keep it up!

  • FanBoy

    As with any review, the comments and questions are always funny lol

  • Rampagelion

    my verdict: CM aftersales SHAT BRICKS AS BIG AS METEORITES when it comes to Technical Supot, err, i mean Support. I once owned a CM M9 and the left me hanging for more than a month’s worth of waiting! Eh AYAW lang naman mag power-on ng phone ko sa lagay na yun!

    Eh etong MP, minsan akong nag panic dahil ayaw mag on ng phone ko (MP a919i), dinala ko sa Service Centre @ SM NORTH CYBERZONE, para ipa check and repair na syempre! aba, WALA PANG 1HOUR, AYOS NA!

    true story ito mga sir, no advertisements or shats involved.

  • Kwento mo kay Joey

    thanks God eto bnli ko ! 9590 pala sya dati. all i thought is 7990 lng tlga ung price nya. very good phone. phablet sya pero it is so handy! i give one blow to myphone for getting this to reality :P akala ko manghihinayang ako sa pagbili ko nito kasi lumabas si SM Diamond D1 with the same price pero 3000 mAh sya, kaso lugi sa specs si D1. imba ng IPS HD display ni a919i duo e ! ASTIIIIG~

  • keiesei

    Help nga. Gusto ko kasi bumili neto. Okay lang ba a919i? Ano masasabi nyong negative dto? Salamat. :3

    • rank

      pangit ang camer. sobrang saturated. pero kung titingin ka ng pics, ok naman.

  • Job Gabs

    Anu pu kaya SRP ngayong november

    • jas18

      P7990 sya as of today sa mga myphone kiosk

      • Job Gabs


      • ❤★ Ma. Riza ツ

        7,580 na lang po xa sa myphone stores :)

  • jas18

    naupdate na po ba tong phone na to to JB 4.2.1?? pde na ba magmove ng app from internal to SD??? Thaks sa mga sasagot

    • TVC – BAMPIRA+

      Ipadala ang phone mo sa service center para mag-update.

  • JD

    This phone is way better than CM skyfire. I’ve read reviews from other websites in their skyfire usage. It really disappointed me. But, I like the appearance of the skyfire plus the scratch-resistant feature. However, I am into more of a quality with regards to using the phone. And this just made me decide to buy this one. Thanks for review. Really helped me choosing which to buy. Kudos!

  • Jeff

    Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 and MyPhone A919i almost the same, I believe it came from the same factory but was only re-branded.

    • Sara

      which is better?
      napansin ko lang sa dalawa is nakabukod sa myphone yung home button back etc, sa cherry nasa screen, and walang led notification ang cherry.

      • Jeff

        Get the Omega HD 2.0 not only in price value but also good reviews about this phone. About the LED notification there is an app or system settings for that. The Omega HD 2.0 has a higher benchmark results compare to Myphone A919i. My bench mark omega is 13,362 vs Myphone that is between 11,345 and 12,430 as posted by other reviewers. You’ll get also a sense of service security that cherry is now expanding its customer service, even Im living in the province they have a branch. The only thing I don’t like about these two phones is their battery. This is after all expected, 5″screen display and quad processor, battery consuming is higher. BTW, my Omega HD 2 has 2100mah compare to 2000mah on myphone.

        • Jeff

          Also, Omega HD before had already beaten Star Diamond the same look and spec with a score of 5 wins and 1 loss face off. Check it on Rappler review.

  • Reynier Chua

    Newer stocks have Android Jelly Bean version 4.2.1 :)
    You can check it at Settings > About Phone > Android Version
    This phone rocks, got two of them.. One for my mom and one for me.. If you don’t really mind having a screen that is not gorilla glass or something of the same kind. I would say this is the phone for you! :D
    Battery is great too, mine’s nearing the 3rd day without charging with casual usage. Meaning texts, music, around 2 hours of gaming and 1hour of wifi.. still at 38%.. Probably lasts 1 1/2 days if heavy usage..
    Best phone I bought so far.. :)

  • Mark Daniel Bernardo

    Mga Sir i have a question. Im planning to buy this phone for my wife. Pwede po ba tong gamitin abroad for phone calls and texting via roaming sim?

    • brixx

      yan din ang itatanong ko,,kung pwede ba sa abroad …paki sagot lang po ng tanong

      • pretty please

        hindi sya quadband, it means no way mo sya magagamit abroad

  • Mary Mhie Grace

    guys panu po i unlock ung too manty patterns attemp sa a919i duo?? help nman plz

    • magnus

      i hard reset pero mawawala ang downloaded apps

  • pong

    just bought myphone A919i duo last moday, so far so good, pero nagtataka lang ako sa battery ndi sya katulad sa nireview nyo na may 22HRS na gamit, maybe naka stand by lang sya or heavy use lang talaga ako hahaha, VERY SATISFIED with my MYPHONE A919i DUO

  • Lucky

    good day!

    san po nakakabili ng hard case? most stores offer capdase / jelly cases.


  • name

    “We can’t really do anything about that as it’s the common nature of people who are not much into tech” <<— ano bang comment to e sa ginaya lang naman talaga ang hichura

  • Ron

    “there is one major flaw that could restrain you from enjoying gaming on this phone. It cannot save an app or game directly to the microSD card.” << it ain't a flaw if you know how to root.

  • charles hernaez

    may useful apps po ba ito like ng TARA?

  • elyu

    Kusang nagsasara yung twitter kapag gamit sa 3G. Pero kapag Wifi, ok naman.

  • Jhustin

    Magkano na lng po kaya to ngayon?

    • magnus

      P6,300 na lang

      • raymart

        sir san meron nito?

  • daisy


  • Jhustin

    May link po ba kayo dito pano i-root to?

  • Quikie

    Kata i3 owned this phone when it comes to specs.

    • j

      maganda ang kata i3?

  • pretty please

    magkano na kaya ito ngayon? really nice fone. durable kaya? planning to buy this kasi :)

    • Mark Bayhon

      6,300 bumili yung ka officemate namin :)

      • pretty please

        kelangan paba tong i-root since 4.2 JB na sya?

  • LorenceSatchieSant♕s

    Mga bossing ask lang po. Im planning to buy this phone kasi. Medyo naguguluhan lang ako. Myphone a919i or Myphone a919i duo ba to? Thank you po :)

  • MP user

    I love this fone compare to other worth it tlga ang money mo.. unike s CM blockbuster lagi ang SC nila, more on quantity kc cla anlike s MP QUALITY tlga and durable pa.. :)

  • els

    May screen capture app ba tong phone?

  • magnus

    ano po downside nito?

  • jc

    for me i prefer Cherry mobile Apollo cheaper than OmegaHD with vibrant HD screen w/ 320ppi display w/ motification light also :)

  • Ion Link

    eto nangyari kanina, I went to sm north to buy this phone, when i ask to check and test the unit before I buy ayaw ng sales lady, ang sabi nila hindi daw pede i test ang unit, you have to buy it first, so I said what if deffective ang makuha ko? she said go to the service center pag ganun, WOW BAGO BILI TAPOS PAG DEFFECTIVE ANG MAKUHA KO PUNTA AKO SA SERVICE CENTER? NO WAY!!! so I said NO, I do not agree, so I left. On my way out going to the parking area, I saw arc mobile same price 6299 yung memo, same quad core chipset. I checked it out and tried it before I purchase it, and ok din sya. so I bought it.
    guys beware of myphone, there is something wrong with their product kaya ayaw ipa check before purchase, maybe puro class b ang units nila ngayon kaya mas mababa ang price kesa dati.

    • Totoy Anon

      Lol kahit anung brand ata dyan sa SM north ayaw magpatesting ehh. Ung sa iba rin kasing comment ayaw din ipatesting nung ibang brands ung phone nila hanggat hindi binibili. Samin d2 sa Calamba pde naman…

    • bog

      Yung binili ko dito sa SM Clark, Pampanga pinatest saken. Baka diyan lang sa branch sa SM North?

    • Alfred Jan Baybayan

      ganyan dn sa cherry mobile huhu ..flare q dead na

    • woot

      Change item pag my problem un unit.. D un kkbili p ln sa service center agad ang punta, At dpat check muna unit bago ibenta

    • anonimus

      bakit sakin buhay pa until now 1 year na???, aral muna kayo sa net kung anong unit ang gusto niyong bilin,

      ang experience ko naman nun nakita ko xa na nagsale, xempe pinaopen ko tapos maganda naman xa compare sa a848 xempe mas mataas ang specs. kaya binili ko 6300 nung nagsalle last year, kanina tumingin ako diamond d3 ng star mobile at rio ng my phone pero wala sinabi ung mga resolution nila sa A919i, kaya di nalang ako bumili, wait ko nalang bumaba ng konti ang Agua infinity lite. octa core naman ang target ko, saka tiwala na ako sa my phone mas matibay po xa. promise

  • Jhopeet Anne S. Gamon

    Nagkaroon po kse ng problema ung phone, may mga nkalgay po kaseng WIDGETS dun na disable po.panuh po ba ito mbabalik kagad?panuh po may enable.kse ung na disable po ay MESSAGES AT CONTACTS dun sa widgets..

  • Lem

    Bought this phone two days ago for 6.3K (wow!). Added 300 for the hard case and 160 for the screen protector = 6760 lang. I chose this over Cyclone because the Cyclone’s 1.3 GHz speed was not enough to compensate for its qHD screen. Dun ako sa 1.2 Ghz pero 720 X 1080 display. So far so good. After 12 hour of usage that included Wi-fi, downloads, games, calls and texts, I still have 66% battery life.

    • Lem


    • Les

      Sir madami po bang hard case na pagpipilian?

    • nhag

      san po kyo nkabili ng hardcase?

  • Guessssssss

    Ano po ang mas ok sa performance and specs, a919i o cyclone?

  • Les

    Sir hanngang kelan ung sale? lahat ba ng myphone stores sale? tnx..

  • Les

    Sana maabotan ko pa ung sale sa march 8-12 pa kasi ako makakabili ee sayang kasi 6300 nalang =(

  • anony

    until supplies last po yan..nakabili pa ako nng march 6 eh.

  • Guessssssss

    Sir, pa-review naman po yung comparison ng a919i at cyclone..hindi pa din po kasi ako makapag-decide kung ano yung pipiliin ko sa dalawa.. Thanks

  • Gregorio E. Moron

    Eto talagang complete review! hinde tulad ng ibang site & blog advertising ginagawa parang niloloko yung mga tao.

  • Jeremiah Ocan

    quad band at 3g na po ba siya????

  • rod

    sir anu po pde gwin restart ng restart lng yung phone ko A919 Duo

  • rod

    help nman./..panu ko ma reformat yung mp A919 ko na d nman nag oopem kc restar sya ng restar

  • mayeth

    hi pano po maayos the front camera of my phone A919i its not working po kase. please help

    • nhag

      format mo na lng

  • Leah Carillo Dimla

    Gudpm po ask ko lng po pnu po b mag transfer ng appss sd card kc d ko cia mailipat sa sd move to internal or phone lng nlbas tsaka po panu h screen shots ayaw nia mag save not enough storage daw eh wla nmn po ako masyadong apps thank u po pla help.

    • khino

      try po mo ung apps to sd ng application idownload mo po un

  • magnus

    Hindi ba siya capable sa apk ,obb etc.?

    • joni

      its capable. i have apk games on mine..

  • magnus

    At wala bang piesa sa battery?

  • nhag

    sana po magkaron na ng accesories ang myphone a919i

  • Mae Ellen Queenie Bontuyan

    how to do screen shots poh using this fon?

    • p00rd0y

      Power Button + Volume down Button simultaneously

  • kristian Dysuangco

    Meron Ako Problem Sa Wifi Pag Na Format Ko Na yung Phone Ko Lagi Nalang Naka Grey Diba Dapat Blue Yun??? Paki tulong Naman Po Please Asap

  • sasah

    Hello. Pahelp naman. Yun simcard slot1 ko ayaw gumana. Sim 2 lang nagana. Help naman po dyan. Pls.

    • sasah

      Nareformat ko na pero ganon pa din. Sim 2 p din lang ang activated.

      • Voltaire Avila

        check mo sa settings ng sim management.

  • Jeremiah Ocan

    tanong ko lang kung kaya ba niya magbasa ng USB ver 3.0 yung a919i duo???

    comment po…

  • junpyo lee

    nasira po a919i ko d magawa ng tech pinartition ko kc

    • Voltaire Avila

      pwede pa yan, basta nag backup ka ng linux partition nyan. gamit ka ng minipartition tool makikita mo lahat.
      hindi pa sira yan.

  • ivannaxx

    sir may mga lines po na sumusunod pag tinatap ko screen ng myphone a919 ko, hindi sya a919i. help me please 09231442973 this is my number.

  • carol

    Ask q lng biglng humina kc ang connecting ng wifi d2 s cp q!ngdelete kc ako don a phone storage!yung una d kc me mkapg donwload!ano gawin ko?

  • lian

    hi ask lang po ayaw gumana ang back & home key.. what to do po kaya dito..first time po manyari sa myphone A919i ko…

  • Lucky Grizzly

    saan pwd mag order na manual booket or copy nitong A919i na ito, yong english version please help,, were in USA..

  • treblaenaira

    panu po palitan ung mesage alert tone? ng gus2 mung kanta.. ung sa tawag lang kc
    ang napapalitan.
    pa help naman…

    • ./.


  • mel agustin

    Eh ang dami palang problema ng MyPhone bakit pa kayo bili ng bili ng MyPhone. Ang Android isinuka na dito sa USA

  • jrducz

    Saan po ba pwedeng makabili ng screen nitO . nabasag po kasi ang screen ng akin.

    At magkano.

  • Kenneth Catacutan

    nabagsak yung cp ko . tas nag crack yung screen. tas di na nag bubukas . maayos pa ba yun ? at magkano aabutin ?

    • koya

      maayos yan kung hindi ka nag comment dito at dinala mo na lang sa myphone service center