O+ USA’s new flagship android phone has been unveiled a few weeks ago and it was a highly successful launch as their new concept store on SM North EDSA was crowded by people who were excited to get hold of an O+ 8.15.

The predecessor of the O+ 8.15, the O+ 8.12, isn’t as much hyped as this one but I can safely say that it got tremendous success as well based on the great feedbacks we received from our review.

Moving on, it seems like O Plus did a great job in their follow up to the 8.12. Take this – O+ 8.12 has a 1GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM, and a scratch resistant display that could take a beating. And for the new kid, they did take it seriously again. O+ 8.15 has a powerful 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean out of the box so you’ll get to enjoy the latest version of android. It has some extras that 4.1 don’t have but we’ll go on to that later.

Let’s start this review by check what are the things that you’ll get when you buy this android phone.

What’s in the box?

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Just like the other O+ android phones we’ve reviewed before, the package is pretty much the same. You’ll get the unit, charger head, microUSB cable, earphones, FREE 8GB microSD card, manuals, and warranty card. The box has a beautiful design which is appropriate for a flagship device. Check out our unboxing photos.

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Design and Build

From the first look I can already tell that I’ve fallen in love with the design of the O+ 8.15. The handset is super slim and as a 5-incher it sure looks sweet. The body is not that big despite its huge screen. The bezels are also thin so it’s not ugly like other android phones who suffered criticisms for that matter.

O+ 8.15 Review

Looking at the front of the O+ 8.15, I immediately noticed that the bezels were barely noticeable if its the screen is turned off. The black is really dark unlike other phones which obviously outs the bezels on the sides. It ain’t a big deal, but it adds some spice up which contributes to the added elegance of the overall design.


Right below the screen is three capacitive buttons namely: Menu, Home, and Back. Looking on top, we’ll find the 2-megapixel front camera and light and proximity sensors as well as the LED light. Flip it on its back and it’ll reveal the 8-megapixel BSI camera and the traditional O+ USA branding just below it.  The LED flash is right in the middle of the branding and camera.

Sides of O Plus 8.15, Thin

On the left side is the volume rocker while the power/lock button is placed on the right side. Looking on top, we’ll see the microUSB port beside the 3.5mm audio jack. The mic is located at the bottom.

Measuring at only 8.4mm at its thickest point, it easily surpassed other phablets out there. For comparison, the Galaxy S3 is at 8.6mm thick while the Galaxy S4 is at 7.9mm.

Back of O+ 8.15

I must say that O+ 8.15 can hold its own stand in the design department when pitted to Samsung android phones and it even outshines most of them with its stellar build quality. Their brand is more known that’s for sure, but design-wise this smartphone is a real looker.


The 5-inch HD IPS Dragontrail Glass Display is very nice especially because of its scratch resistant feature. Also, the HD IPS display will make sure that the screen is vibrant and vivid. The contrast and saturation were also on the good side which enhances the viewing experience considerably. If you’re wondering where we got the info, we got it directly from an O+ representative.

But how good is a HD display? For the untrained eye, it will not look that special. But when you try to compare it with a qHD or WVGA, you’ll quickly spot the difference. Another notable advantage is the ultra bright IPS display which makes the HD display even more lovely to look at. O+ 8.15’s display has a pixel density of ~294ppi so its obviously very good and pixels aren’t that noticeable. It’s not a full HD but that’s just a marketing feature anyway as that much pixel can not be noticed by the naked eye.

When I took the handset out in direct sunlight, I was actually surprised that the content on the screen is indeed visible. It’s the brightest on the devices we’ve tested so far and I’m very pleased.

With the Dragontrail Glass technology, you will no longer need to apply a screen protector since it can take quite a beating. You don’t need to worry about about scratches and stuff like that. Also, screen protectors usually make the display less clear so it’ll be obtrusive for the HD screen of other phones. Matte isn’t good in preserving the clarity but clear will do just fine though. If you still want to put a screen protector, I highly suggest that you stay away from matte as it will make your screen look blurry.


Being a quad-core android phone, people will eventually assume that this handset is fast – and it is indeed very fast. All sorts of operation are very smooth and you will no longer curse your phone for freezing while you’re doing something important.

Features of O+ Plus 8.15

Let’s start with the UI. Navigating the menus, settings, and swiping left and right is fluid and even with custom animations from third-party launchers are handled easily which dual-core android phones tend to stutter a bit. The low end PowerVR SGX 531 GPU is also one of the main cause, and fortunately the O Plus 8.15 has a PowerVR SGX 544MP which is more powerful.

The O+ 8.15 uses a 1.2GHz quad-core MT6589 processor which is one of the most promising quad-core chipset in the affordable segment. Despite being aimed to the budget quad-core level, it doesn’t fail to deliver each time we put it to the test. We’ll tell you more details when it comes to gaming later.


One of the things that you would surely love about having an android phone with a large screen is that you’ll get to enjoy the content more as it gives you more details and better quality.

O+ 8.15’s HD IPS display makes viewing videos really fun especially if you’ll load 720p or 1080p videos. The default player was okay for the most part but I still prefer having MX Player on board as it brings more features to the table and as well as support for a wide range of video formats.

Video Gallery

As an audio player, the O+ 8.15 doesn’t fail to deliver. The earphones are really nice and the color scheme is centered to the O+ branding though there’s no logo there. The speaker is also loud enough than usual and it can easily cater a small group of people or a room. But like any other smartphone, it can be outperformed when there is too much noise in the environment.

When we say entertainment, I’m sure another thing comes to mind – gaming. Yes, we’ll be there later so don’t get too excited.


Like the O+ 8.12 which we considered as far superior than any other local android phone before (and until today), the O+ 8.15 lived up to the flagship caliber as it delivers high quality photos in both good and low light conditions.

Camera, Video Recording of O+ Plus 8.15

The autofocus locks in very fast and the shutter has almost zero lag. There are also several shooting modes such as Panorama, Multi Angle View, Smile Detection, Face beauty, and HDR. Also, it is capable of shooting 40 up to 99 continuously on burst shot mode. With all that added features and the stellar 8-megapixel camera and strong LED flash, the O+ 8.15 surely fit camera junkies and those who constantly take selfies.

The front facing camera is of good quality as well. It is far from the traditional VGA front cameras which returns blurry images and less accurate details. This time, O+ took a huge step and offered a superior 2-megapixel front camera with face detection which produced extremely good results.

Check out the sample shots below. *Scaled down. I’ll update it with full size images.

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As for video recording, it records perfectly at 1080p so you can maximize the full potential of this beast. It doesn’t use the full sensor though, so you might notice that when you start recording it seems like it has moved forward a bit. But that’s a actually which is also present on the iPhone 5.

I have been a fan of how O+ give their low cost android phones a great camera and I’m glad that the O+ 8.15 exceeded my expectations. I was already assuming that it’s good before I got it, but was blown away when I tested it. Overall, it’s almost good enough as a point and shoot camera.


For gaming freaks, the O+ 8.15 can definitely serve you well. A major credit to this should also be given to the larger internal storage and the ability to move them to your external microSD card.

Download apps and games on O+ 8.15

The O+ 8.15 handle most of the games perfectly without any lags and all of my usual game tests are all smooth. The 1.2GHz MT6589 quad-core processor and PowerVR SGX544MP is a hell of a combo and it clearly shows it power through games like GTA Vice City, Dead Trigger, and NBA 2k13.

If you’re more of a casual gamer, you won’t have difficulties playing Temple Run Oz and Candy Crush Saga here. All other games like 4 Pics 1 Word are obviously playable.

It’s also worth noting that the 1GB of RAM of the O Plus 8.15 gives supreme multitasking capabilities as it can easily handle a game, browser, and a random app altogether without any slow down.


Despite the growth in performance and screen quality, one thing that’s often neglected today is the internal storage which is equally important. If you have a small internal storage and you don’t have the option to move the apps and games on your microSD card, you’re in trouble.

O+ 8.15 will give you a good number of apps to install as it has a larger than usual 8GB of internal storage. That way, it ensures you that you can put all the apps you want without worrying much about it because you can quickly transfer them to your microSD card too, instead of the ‘phone storage.

Storage of 8.15 O+

For the record, the configuration is 980MB for the apps plus 5.44GB of phone storage which you can also use for storing apps and games in case you don’t have a microSD card. But since it has an 8GB microSD card included in the package, it won’t be a problem.

Messaging / Telephony

As it has a huge real estate, your fingers can roam around texting is clearly comfortable with the O+ 8.15 android phone. Because it is big enough for me to correctly hit each key with few slight errors, I can type my messages very quickly which is really nice when I’m busy and I just need to send some short texts.

Messaging, Telephony on O + Plus 8.15

There is also a built-in emoticon support in the SMS app making it easier for you to convey your feelings to the person you’re talking to. But the interface isn’t really heavily customized, though there are other additional options such as the pop-up message notification which can be found in the settings.

During my tests on voice calls, the reception was great and the sound can be categorized from normal to loud which is nice at times when I need it to be louder. The voices come out clean so I haven’t encountered any problem with it. As for the look of the contacts and dialer, it’s most likely stock.

Connectivity: HSPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

Most of us are now getting more and more attached to the internet and if you’re that kind of person you’ll surely love the O+ 8.15 even more. The connection locks in instantly once it detects a network near you and even if it’s a few meters away, you’ll still get acceptable signal.

With the rather large screen, the amount of content that’s readily accessible within the display is plenty so viewing websites and as well as social networking sites is more comfortable. The pictures and texts are solid and can be viewed even from afar.

The first SIM is capable of giving the network a HSPA+ connection while the SIM 2 network will be limited to GSM/EDGE.

Both WiFi and mobile data connection are impressive and it didn’t slowed down a bit, unless it’s your own network. As I’ve said, multitasking on this device is very fluid and snappy. With this amount of RAM, the internet connectivity has leaped by a mile in terms of productivity.

OS, UI, Apps

Since it’s running Android 4.2.1, it comes with all of the Android Jelly Bean benefits and the much talked about Project Butter which brings added smoothness to the table. The experience is quite liquid and sleek and I have not experienced any lags or major slowdowns.

OS, UI, Apps

The UI isn’t that customized and it really is more of stock android – aside from the typical O+ icons which is we really like because of its lively colors. There are also some O Plus wallpapers and flavor were also implemented all in all it did not ruined the almost stock Jelly Bean environment.

The stock launcher is quite simple so I would suggest that you replace it with a launcher that has more useful features The most used and important ones are there, however for people who need more, Google Play is always there to help you in customizing the look of your device.

Benchmark Results

In case you missed our unboxing post, here’s the benchmark results of the O + 8.15 on our favorite apps – AnTuTu, Quadrant, and NenaMark v2. As you can see, the handset fared really well against other high end android devices. Check the results here.

O+ 8.15 Benchmark results Nenamark v2 O Plus 8.15

The scores achieved were all based on the stock version and there are no optimizations done. The results were very close to its competitors as the MyPhone A919i Duo and Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 are both at 12,500+ range


O + 8.15 also supports USB OTG. Meaning, you can connect a USB flashdrive and load or transfer contents from the device and vice versa. This feature is really useful for students or professionals who constantly manages their documents and what’s best is that they can do it wherever they are, on a handset.

USB OTG on O+ 8.15

It can also be used in connecting a physical gaming controller in case you’re more comfortable with it or you just want to take gaming to the next level. As for me, I use it in playing classic Playstation games like Marvel versus Street Fighter.

Air Shuffle Technology – I guess you’re all familiar with this by now? But if you’re not, then let me explain this quickly. The trick is initiated when you hover your hand a few centimeters above the display (specifically near the camera). By swiping either left or right, it will react as if you’re touching down. However, please note that this only work on Gallery, Camera, Music, and FM Radio. So don’t even try it on other apps, okay?

Battery Life

Now we’re at the stage where we will judge the battery life. By looking at the mediocre 2000mAh, it looks like it will run out of juice quickly – but that’s not really the case. Since I’ve used this device for around two weeks prior to this review, I was able to measure its battery life considerably and I have included the usage data I gathered using the Battery Analyzer app from the Play Store.

Battery life of O Plus + 8.15

Now, you might be wondering what’s my usage? Well, it’s like my usage on other phones I reviewed. As you can see, I used the device extensively on the first day I installed the battery drain analyzer and I played a lot of games during that time. On the next few days, the handset lasted 1 whole day and a half. I’m constantly using it with WiFi turned on, several SMS, a few minutes of calls, and 20-30 minutes of playing a game (Punch Hero).


O+ 8.15 really emerged as one of the top performers in its category specifically because of its fast processor, 1GB RAM, and a stunning 5-inch HD IPS Dragontrail Glass display. It’s a sure winner in all aspects including its awesome 8-megapixel and 2-megapixel cameras. Add the elegant and solid build – we have a perfect mid-range smartphone that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

NoypiGeeks Review - O + Plus 8.15

What makes O+ 8.15 so special is its user friendliness. Anyone can pick up this phone and enjoy it from the get go as they don’t need to do anything else to make it better. I would also like to mention the importance of the 8GB internal storage and option to move the apps to the free 8GB microSD card – or whatever you have. With that, you can enjoy more apps and games as you won’t be that limited. It’s a serious case that’s common on locally branded android phones forget to do. The good thing is there are workarounds that people can do – but that’s not for all. You know, most users are scared to mess up with their device, right?

O+ 8.15 Android Phone Specs

  • Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean

  • Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby

  • 5-inch HD IPS *Dragon Trail Glass Display, 1280×720 pixel resolution, ~294ppi

  • MT6589 1.2GHz quad-core Cortex A7 processor

  • PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU

  • 1GB RAM

  • 8GB internal storage

  • expandable up to 32GB via microSD card

  • 8-megapixel BSI autofocus main camera with LED flash

  • 2-megapixel front facing camera

  • 3G, HSPA+

  • WiFi, WiFi hotspot

  • GPS, A-GPS

  • Bluetooth

  • microUSB v2.0

  • Air Shuffle music, photos, camera, and FM radio

  • Quad-band

  • 2000mAh Li-Polymer battery

As we all know, O Plus 8.15 is not the cheapest, but I’ve full confidence and experience with them that they do provide exceptional quality. The price of Php12,995 sure is more expensive than other competing brands, but O+ deserves to charge that much as this is really a solid product. I know that the offer is not that enticing for budget conscious consumers, but in case you have enough money to shell out – then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it as it’s a great deal.

  • Aaron Ballesteros

    Wow! very detailed review. Ang ganda nga ng unit na to eh, parang Xperia arc s na malaki. Quality din talaga ang Oplus. Tsaka anlaki ng int. mem. nya kung icocompare sa iba. Kaso downside eh yung cam. pero ok lang naman. :D

    • TVC – BAMPIRA+

      The performance of Madfinger Games’ latest games are great (because of both CPU and GPU). I guess that heavy gaming users should purchase quad-core devices. I-ko-compare sa CM Skyfire 2.0 at Flame 2.0.

  • anubis

    finally ! :D ..d best tlga mag review ang noypigeeks two thumbs up sir adam :) ,,ill go for this phone .

  • anonymous…

    dapat sana isinama sa review overview ang price ng unit… i think isa ito sa major deciding factor para sa isang consumer kung bibilhan n’ya or hindi ang isang product. suggestion lang po ;)

  • James Harrill Torres Laydea

    Does it support Divx/Xvid/wmv video files?

    • jomer junio

      magkano ba ung o+??

  • Halcyon

    can you please compare the camera quality shots taken by this phone and the other local brands like myphone a919i and cherry mobile ohd 2.0

  • Kane Zyril

    not bad

  • None

    do you have a blog how to root this phone?


    demasiado caro

  • Louie O.

    How true that you cannot install Foursquare on O+ units?

  • KennyKen

    ”but O+ deserves to charge that much as this is really a solid product”

    —— Uhmm…..REALLY? established brand na ba ang O+??? As in SAMSUNG-LG-ASUS level?

    Somehow the O+ and CM Omega HD 2.0 are almost identical (specs-wise) but for Php4K Cheaper, the O+ is a tough tough sell amongst Pinoys!

    The MONEY you SAVE….You can buy a 32Gigs microsd, a cool leather case and a GOOD pair of Headphones

    American-designed my A-S-S…I’m not dissing them but to charge Php4k more on a product that ISN’T ANY DIFFERENT from the competition is ludicrous.

    • JL

      may airshuffle ang O+ :-) #tongueincheek#

    • osiris

      seriously bro ? .. haha .. alam mu buh yung latest problem ng OHD2 ? . halos karamihan ng mga unit mai dead pixel .well normal nmn tlga na mai deadpixel na mahahalo pero kung ilagay na natin 6 units out of 10 mai dead pixel normal pa buh yan? nagkakaubusan ng ohd2 dahil narin sa murang price nito .. mag isip ka pre .. bkt kaya MURA lng ang CM OHD2 ? .. sagot jan kasi quantity over quality sila .. i can honestly say na .. ou low quality yung mga product nila . kung irarate ko nsa 6 out of 10 … do some research . lahat ng android nila nagkakaproblema PLUS ! after sale service . pa nila hindi maganda . yes number local brand ang CM .kasi MURA eh . ang O+ nman sulit pera mo kasi dekalidad tlga ang mga unit nila . tapos after sale service maganda . and wala kang maririnig na reklamo ng customer na hndi maayos yung phones nila and service.

      • KennyKen

        YOUR comment is undoubtedly FALSE…you must be a paid shill.
        How about gumawa ng ng BLOG tackling CM OHD 2.0’s dead pixels and poor after sales? Wawa ka naman…sige mag complain ka sa blogs at forums!!! LOW quality ba kamo? kung same chipset at innards ang OHD 2.0 eh di low quality na rin yung O+ mo…lol, gawin mo pa akong ignorante eh same chip manufacturer lang ang mga ikinakabit dito….Mediatek, Imagination Tech PowerVR, etc etc etc

        May suggestion ako…BABAAN ninyo ang pricing ninyo and puhhleeez STOP acting like you’re a prestigious company

        • Antonio

          8 gb internal memory ng O+ tas may air shuffle pa, mas maganda rin design

        • fred

          e bakit galit ka ??

        • Lei

          KennyKen, it’s probably you who happened to be the one paid by CM, don’t you think? have you been reading some blogs about issues with CM phones, not just OHD 2.0? have you read any blogs about issues with O+ phones or their after sales? if yes, i’d be glad to read it, just post the link. one thing to consider, O+ phones were not rebranded.

        • Honami815

          Never had any CM units but most of them are not as good as you say they are. Indeed there are dead pixels. I have tried OHD 2 and I was a bit impressed, until i came across one unit that had numerous dead pixels, visible ones too, since it only has less than 300ppi in density. But I bought the 8.15 anyway because I have tried 6 units from 6 different dealers and all of them performed well. O+ is not a game changer since its price is apparently a combination of US-design and Chinese/Philippine-made, which makes it more costly than the entirely Chinese-made CM. To give you an overview of O+, it is an american company which specializes in electronics spare parts. It is one of the innovators of the Air Shuffle technology which was acquired by Samsung for their Galaxy S4. O+ is now trying to explore the smartphone market. Since O+ is not globally popular, which makes it impossible to compete with other Android manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, Moto, LG, etc, they entered the Philippine smartphone market instead. O+’s Smartphone wing is based in the Philippines but phones were designed in the US and manufactured in China. Being an American company, they still follow strict American standards in terms of quality assurance. Due to their good quality, most O+ flagship phones such as 8.15 have managed to enter markets outside the Philippines – Malaysia, India, China and Thailand, and by far it is the only Philippine-based smartphone producer that made exports of this scale. So, Kenny, I am not saying that CM phones are not. I have to say CM still sells out some of the best local phones. We, the O+ users, are just not saying crap about other local brands, unlike you. And by the way, kung ipinagyayabang mo yang OHD2 mo, I can proudly say that I also love my 8.15. If you say you sh*t is better, tell it to my 8.15’s baby sister – my Sony Xperia Z1. I can slap this to your face pero mukha mo unang mababasag. Peace v(^_^)v

  • mikecogard

    g’day mga boss, ask ko lng sana if u guys hav any infos regarding the panels they (local phone brands) are using with their current android flagship phones? Kc dami ko nbbasa na may dead pixels daw ung iba phones eh. Mas madali ba masira ung mga panels ng local phones compared sa mga established brands na like samsung? Share nyo naman. will really appreciate. tnx in advance guys.

    • KennyKen

      Here’s the truth about it from a VERY RELIABLE source of mine>>>>

      Apparently yung mga dead pixeled panels ay yun yung mga ”reject” at bumagsak sa quality control…IMBES na itapon ng OEM ay bina-bargain nila ito sa murang halaga …HENCE..the cheap price from the Chinese manufacturers to our local distributors….Ngayon, para hindi naman masira ang reputasyon ng mga nag re rebrand, hinahaluan nila ito ng good unit…yung (good to bad , bad to good units) ratio probably ranging from 1 : 2 ….2 :1…..3:1 etc etc depende sa projected profit

      they are AWARE of it….parang yung mga tindera ng isda sa palengke, bibili ka ng isang kilo mayat-maya pagdating mo sa bahay hinaluan na pala ng mga bilasa at bulok…SAME Principle kaya’t huwag magtaka kung bakit mura ang local brands

      • mikecogard

        G’day! Bati muna ako ng Hapi Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s out there! Tnx sir Kenny for that nice info. Gusto ko kc sana bili CM OHD 2.0 kc ganda specs, comments pati price. hesitant lng ako dhl sa mga comments regarding deadpixels. sayang kc ganda ng fone lalo na screen kung ganun lng kadali masira panel. Ganun kc naexperience ko when i bought CM Fusion bolt, after one month, i saw a rainbowlike lines on the screen, which i check is not coming fm the protector. senya na, kc ordinary consumer lng ako hoping to get value for money on my fone to be. pero since kaw mismo eh ngtiwala at bumili din nun, i might as well get one my self. tnx sir, at sana tuloy ka lng post mga informative stuffs dito.

      • mikecogard

        ngapla sir, isa pa, if gnun pla gawain ng mga ito (same goes with the other local brands) same applies not only to the panel, but with the other fone parts like the chipset and camera as well tama po ba? so, request ko sana sa inyo ng tips on how to “on the spot” screen/check the fone im buying in order to minimize the chance of getting a defective one. tnx sir.

      • Joe Lim

        But O+ is supposed to be US brand and not local… :-)

  • Todd Grundy

    Does this phone have OGS like the Omega HD and HD 2.0? Sure is a nice phone!!!

  • Sonny B.

    I’ve been using the 0+ 8.15 for a few days now. I am happy with it overall except for 2 things.

    One, there seems to be a lag when scrolling the screen. This happens when I’m viewing Facebook or even my contact list. Not sure what is wrong but the scrolling is not smooth at all.

    The other problem is with the volume. I can barely hear the sound when watching movies (I use MX Player) or even You Tube. Again, I’m not sure what the problem is but the same movies sound just fine on my other phones.

    Did I get a lemon? Is something wrong with my unit?

    Feedback please.

    • Christian Lopez

      I don’t have those problems on my unit which I bought on the 1 day sale..

      First facebook app is really buggy so that’s the probably the app try to update it. I don’t see any lag in scrolling on my contact list even if I have 1500+ contacts.. Baka marami kang nakabukas na apps sa background?

      I don’t know what’s loud for you but it is for me. Hindi nga lang siya pinakamalakas pero for me malakas siya. Saka pwede mo siya taasan sa MX Player. Another possibility is panget yung quality ng video na nakuha at originally mahina yung sound..

      Kung sa tingin mo hindi talaga siya okay, do a factory reset sa Settings then back up and reset..

      Sana nga may facebook group tayong 8.15 users para madali tayo magcommunicate..

      • Sonny B.

        Thanks for the feedback bro. How do I increase the volume in MX Player? Baka naman setting lang ang issue.

        I also notice that several apps automatically get opened in the background even though I am not opening them. Why is that…and how do I prevent that from happening.

        • Ernie

          Just an advice buddy download ka na lang ng Apps na ” Clean Master ” it has a setting that will automatically stops some apps that are not needed…

          • kuneho

            Or ibalik mo sa tindahan

    • Reikakou

      Been using 8.15 for five days now and its really super. No match and Samsung Galaxy Grand na pinagmamalaki ng senior ko. Yung HD movies na di ko maplay sa Pentium laptops eh narerender sa 8.15 ko using MX Player (the stock video player is kinda useless).

      Sayang nga lang di nya kinayang iplay yung Real Racing 3. Yung Iron Man 3 may lag kapag punong-puno ng kalaban yung screen. Zenonia 5 medyo matagal magload.

      Regarding dun sa sound, baka kasi natatakpan mo yung mismong loud speaker while you’re holding it or nakapatong yun sa ibabaw ng flat surface..Medyo off kasi yung placement ng loud speaker. May tendency na matakpan ng kamay.

      • ryuzaki

        sir sure po kayo hindi gumgana ang real racing 3 sa o+ 8.15?

        bakit po sa cm omega hd?gumgana? di ba pare pareho lang cila ng specs?
        at sir clear nyo muna ibng apps na open bago p ang real racing 3.
        kung marami k namang na open cmpre matagal magload and game.

    • herpderp

      that’s android for ya. it’s not the device, really.

    • Clark

      It’s the phone frankly but dont blame your phone at all. A lot of High-end Phones from big brands have lower sounds than the others. HTC and Sony are the only phones in my opinion who have monster speakers. So don’t worry. O+ 8.15 is still an awesome (8 stars of 10) phone overall.

  • John Eric Cabanlit Limbago

    wala lng masyado devs ng O+. stuck tuloy sa pag gamit ng stock rom

    • Reikakou

      Download Nova Launcher and be merry.

      • John Eric Cabanlit Limbago

        mind you, d kpa cguro nka try ng custom roms like cm10 etc. eh :)

        • Davinci

          yah, maganda tlga mga custom roms, lalo na ung mga performance boost na roms, kya mas maganda bumili ng mga sikat na branded kc andaming custom rom :)

  • Dancs

    wala bang lag dito yung the bard’s tale?

    • XD

      la pa qng nafefeel kahit anung lags khit 3d games

  • zero

    anu po ba mas mganda O+ 8.15 or LG Optimus L7 ii?

    • Yhanz Sacrifitual

      LG Optimus G promise po :)

      • Johann Villanueva

        Natural maganda yung Optimus G, flagship yun eh. Pero kung yung O+ 8.15 and Optimus l7 II. Mag O+ ka for performance, pero yung LG for the brand.

    • jin

      optimus l5..

    • XD

      O+ pdn aq aa mas ok tong 8.15 promise bili ka na dn

  • OHD 2.0

    Tanong ko lang bakit wala kayong review ng CHERRY MOBILE OMEGA HD 2.0? bias lang sa Myphone A919i??

    • ugok

      bigyan mo sila ng unit tol.. demanding????? baka gusto mo bumili sila ng lahat???? isip isip din pag may time..

  • ryuzaki

    mga genius and noob

    ask ko lang po

    sino nang nakalaro ng nba2k13 gamit ang o+ 8.15?

    share naman kayo kung meron kayong napancin na lag or slowdown.

    • fred

      wala lag nba sa phone na to . based on my exp ha .. baka sa ibang phone sagad na kaya naglalag .

  • anon

    can we see front camera picture samples of this phone? even a video sample of the front cam too. Please and thank you!!

  • betsy

    I don’t get people who say that FullHD displays are just ‘a marketing gimmick’, or ‘its beyond what the human eye can see’. Either get your eyes checked, or borrow a friend’s HTC One or GS4.

  • abc1234

    Sir parehas b ng gpu ang 8.15 s s4? If not ilang cores ang sgx544 nya? I saw 40+ fps on nenamark 2 pero on my phone with adreno 225 same resolution i get 59-60 fps vsync limited

  • achilles rosario

    Exactly, tama ka dian pepet. Ang pinoy prang si hector delluria, napakayabang, un nman super napakapangit nia, mapapahiya ang pwet ng kalabaw sa muks nia, super maitim, talo ang uling super bansot, talo dwende, mapapahiya ang elepante sa katabaan, at lalabas ang kambing pag magkasama cla sa kulungan. Super akala mo may pera, lahat naman ng ari arian naka double mortgage. Kya huwag kau kag hector delluria na nagyayabang sa kanyang hulugan na second hand bmw na wort 100 thousand lang sa port irene, na akala mo milyonaryo, pero mayaman sa mortgage sa banco de oro.

  • Hi3n

    which is better O+8.15 or galaxy s3 ?
    based on specs and performance po tnx thinking of buying this one over samsung s3 kse e

    • null

      mas mabilis at mas maganda ang specs ng s3. pero kung price mas ok ang o+

  • noobie

    my installer or app po ba na needed for using gamepad sa O+? or pde rin ba to any other phones like CM

  • hi ! im planning to buy this phone kso i will use it at dubai, question gumagana ba to outside the country i mean last time kc bumili ako ng lg optimus black sa singapore pero when i got back here sa philippines wala ng signal yung phone khit anong sim ang isalpak ko.

    nkalock lang ba to for philippines use only?

    • burat

      its quad band so you can use anywhere you like google din pag my time ^_^

  • Sherwin

    I just bought this yesterday. So far so good. One thing to remember thou is that the built quality is plasticky… not as solid with my big hands. I am afraid that if I drop this from waist level to a hard floor it would come apart in three piece. Although it is okay for its price but the feel of other branded phones like samsung is better. You have to pay more of course to get a tank-like built. As for its performance it is okay but I mainly use this as my mobile internet device and to control my cameras with wi-fi. I am a photographer by profession and so far the image is quite acceptable and has impressed me in a good light situation. The display is good but not something to make you jump out of your sit. Note thou that the free 8GB microSD (sandisk brand) is only a class 4. wish it could have been a class 10! The headphones that came with it is a joke! The supplied usb cable for data and charging feels flimsy… it seem it would break soon as you often use it since the battery performance is not yet that great. It is good for a whole day of wi-fi, social media and the likes (testing period) but I now have only 9% left juice from full charge last nite and I went to sleep… naka pag pahinga din naman sa kakalikot ko ng good 8 hours. I hope the battery will last longer than 2 years. so far these are my short evaluation of the unit. I got it for 12,995 6mos. interest free from wow here in la union.

  • Betterbeanonymous

    tangang question lang..

    16million din ba screen resolution neto?

  • i dont know

    Good ba sa 0+ 8.15 ang facebook, viber , wechat? and camera at sa games? no logs?

    • Jennifer Cabig

      ok po lahat. (“,) syempre depends pa rin sa memory card mo kung kaya ung download mo n games… abt apps nmn for social is all ok.

  • grim_j

    Which would you recommend? O+ 8.15 or Samsung Grand? I’m torn between the two, Im for O+ 8.15 but my wife wants the Grand. I know specs wise lamang ang O+ but reliability (due to the brand) it’s Grand. But I need input from those who already bought the O+ 8.15 regarding durability, because that’s my wife’s main concern. TIA

  • Betterbeanonymous

    common problem ba tlga neto ung nghhang pati ung clock? me kakilala kc ako na di nya ma update ung oras kya gnwa nya, nreformat nlang nya ung phone..nbasa ko rin un sa forum ng o+ users..un lang nman..

  • toink

    pwede po ba itong mag SKYPE?? kc nung nag DL ako ng skype nag eeror.. pansin ko rin sa settings wala syang video call… defective kaya tong unit ko?? pls help

    • FanBoy

      Return it to your point-of-purchase. If they argue, let them install and try Skype.

    • Jennifer Cabig

      pwede po magskype.. minsan lng po may problem signing in but its just on skype application on other apps its totally fine.

  • Jennifer Ablanida

    hi me and my hubby are new users of O+ 8.15 it is a great phone… we just wanted to know about accessories? we wanted to buy some screen protectors, back covers or fliptop covers… any suggestion? I already Pmed Swisstech makers of O+ accessories but they said it is sold on O+ Concept Stores… anyone can tell me where are O+ Concept Stores Branches? Thanks in Advance!!!

    • FanBoy

      Hi. You DON’T need a screen protector, don’t waste money-8.15 has Dragontrail glass. If you still want a screen protector, cheapest would be CDR-King. You can also purchase a Capdase screen protector. There won’t be Capdase potector pre-cut for the 8.15, but their sales person can cut one to size and install it for you.

      SM CybeZone, I think, has an O+ store. In case there isn’t one, you’ll have a whole lot of stores to ask about accessories for your 8.15.

      • Jennifer Cabig

        thanks FanBoy (i’m also Jennifer Ablanida) we already purchase an O+ jelly case back cover and an anti-finger print screen protector and it is really for O+ 8.15 at SM Taytay on the Hello Branch there. and about the screen of 8.15 thank you for telling me another info for my friends i didn’t know it’s a Dragontrail glass (“,)

  • wiseman

    Got this phone just last week, design is very sleek, camera and performance are awesome. tried playing nba 2k14, no lag!!!! very much satisfied with it. battery is ok, not much but could last for a day or 2 with moderate use. you can also root it directly on your phone using framaroot v. 1.8 apk using the faramir exploit : )

  • cyber2pak

    Got this phone on the first day sale.. i am here sa middle east ..so far wala akong reklamo.. na ibagsak ko na rin ito ng ilang beses nagana pa rin ng maayos. and nakaktuwa lang kasi mga tao d2 ang tanung eh. Samsung ba yan!!

    • adek0000098

      sir ngagamit mo ba sya sa netsim?

  • popoy

    Got this phone just last december and i was blown away by its sleek appearance and performance. The OTG support is what makes this one of a kind, to be able to copy, xfer files on the fly via USB is awesome. no need to root or stuff like that, performance is great already with 8gb internal + 8gb for SD free. Playing high quality games are no issue at all, fantastic screen resolution that even at its lowest level i can still see it during daylight. Camera is quite good, crisp and highly detailed even the front camera. Overall, its a pricey flagship phone but i don’t have any regrets. It feels so good to be different.

  • wilma

    matagal nako naghahanap ng better cellphone aside sa mga branded before hindi ko ito pinapansin pero one time I tried to view the specs and na impress ako plus dual sim ito and yun ang kailangan ko , and since wala namang perfect phone na hindi masakit sa bulsa, this is a good choice and majority naman ng reviews about this is good so thanks sana may official FB page tayo noh so we could share opinions din..

  • Roel


    You might also consider looking or reading their review regarding Oplus 8.92. It is also a Quadcore phone, but with a lower price. As of now im using an Oplus 8.31z for this feedback.

  • hetti

    how to block numbers using O plus 8.12?

  • angel

    why my wifi thurned white? it should be blue color.. pls help.. what happen? my phone model is O+8.16

  • purple

    I just want to ask if you are also experiencing problems saving your contacts? When I save mine in the +63 format, the phone does not recognize the 0 (zero) format of the same number and vice versa. Thank you

  • Anna Ignacio

    Is it normal the backlight color is color YELLOW? ITs not like other phone its not clear white

  • Its Me

    stock room for this phone

  • angel

    i regret after i bought dis phone