Vokka is an Android app that lets Filipinos abroad call their family and friends here in the Philippines. While the app itself is downloadable at the Play Store for free, you need to load your account with calling credit, which is actually offered at affordable rates. It’s one of the better Skype alternatives that cater directly to Filipinos.

Having tried the app for a few days — even made calls through it — I can say that Vokka is a capable app. Granted, more popular choices such as Skype and Viber tout more features, but Vokka nonetheless satisfactorily delivers in the few current services that it has. Crashes and glitches are existent as I tested the app through my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but they are sporadic and not particularly disruptive.

Interface and Design

The user interface is simple and pretty much straightforward that getting lost in the app is quite impossible. When you open Vokka, you are first required to enter your credential or opt to sign up if you don’t have an account yet. Upon logging in, you are directed to the Dial Pad tab where you can manually enter a phone number and also check the remaining balance, which is displayed at the upper right of the screen. The History tab acts as your call log that records each successful phone call, duration and cost included.


The Contacts tab, on the other hand, automatically imports every contact from your smartphone into the app. You can also attach a Vokka account if the contact has one. The Funds tab lets you recharge or add credit to your balance, although the coupon numbers are only sold through their website (https://vokka.com/). Hidden away in the More tab are the FAQs, About, and the ability to log out and check your subscription plan. Similarly, opting for a subscription instead of the pay-as-you-go model requires going to the website.


In its current state, the Vokka app lets you bid adieu to expensive international calls for calling directly through your mobile carrier. After conducting a few test calls, we found out that indeed the rates are very low as advertised. For instance, a 1-minute call to a Globe number only deducted $0.15 from my balance. Equivalent to around Php6.50, that’s just as much as what Globe would charge for local calls. I also called a PLDT number in Cebu and was charged with the same rate per minute under the pay-as-you-go model.


Since Vokka is a VoIP service, call quality depends on the internet connection. In fact, the app itself isn’t usable whatsoever without Internet access. The first time I called, my smartphone only had an EDGE connection. During the call, the background noise was quite loud that it’s hard to understand what the person at the other end of the line was talking about. There was also a delay in the communication. I had to go out my room to find a solid 3G connection, after which the voice quality become crisp and clear.

Another neat feature that Vokka offers is its free calls to those who also have Vokka accounts as well. To make use of this advantage, you’ll obviously need to persuade your friends to register and download the app just like what other messaging app does.

Calling Packages

You can purchase the Local Philippine Phone Numbers via their website which linked to in the bottom of this review. Check out their affordable rates below.

Vokka Calling Plans, Prices

As you can see, the rates are very competitive and it’s suitable if you have a relative living abroad.

Final Thoughts

Download Vokka AppSo the real advantage of Vokka is the savings you accumulate as you continuously use the app for your calls. The benefit is more apparent to Filipinos abroad who want to keep in touch with their family and friends back home. It doesn’t exactly boast the same features found in other more popular VoIP messaging services, but its affordable rates are what truly make the Vokka mobile app unique. Support for other platforms are coming soon and you can check out more information at vokka.com.

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  1. Is it true my family still have to pay an extra per minute fee when calling my PH#?
    That’s USD5+5/100 min = 0.1/min and USD14+9/500 mins = 0.046/min
    That we’re talking about call-in with me ready online.
    And for me to ring PH Mobiles it costs USD0.15/min – that’s NOT cheap at all, I’m afraid.

  2. i’m currently using vokka. great app, nice voice quality, very affordable rates – i’m not using phone cards anymore when calling the Philippines.

  3. vokka follows me anywhere, no inet needed. only vokka gives me a local PH number so my family calls me like local call. Beat that skype / viber.

    1. Vokka beats Skype & Viber
      IDD1717 beats Vokka, and everything else:

      They’ll put you on a World Ext Number that’s globally reachable via web, skype and toll-free access numbers from around the world.