Mozilla and Foxconn have revealed at Computex the first tablet to sport the Firefox OS. While there’s a rather healthy support from hardware manufacturers to build smartphones running on Firefox OS, previous indications of building tablet devices for the Mozilla’s operating system have been all speculations until now.

As first reported on Pocket-Lint, no hardware specifications for the tablet have been disclosed. Basing on pictures alone, the tablet has been described to have an 8 or 10-inch screen with a somewhat disappointing resolution when compared to what the competition offers. More questions are currently left unanswered, such as how much the tablet will be priced, where it will market, and what processor runs inside the device. On the other hand, Firefox OS is known to be specially designed that even a combination of a fairly outdated CPU and small amount of system memory can still provide a smooth UI experience and acceptable performance.

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The two companies held a joint press conference during Computex 2013. Besides the tablet announcement, they talked about how their collaboration helped with the integration of software and hardware development, the result of which would be a great advantage for the buyers. Furthermore, Firefox OS is confirmed to not only power smartphone and tablet devices, but also other devices such as smart TVs.

Besides a few releases in the Spanish and Brazilian market, devices powered by the Firefox OS have yet to enjoy a wide global release. When it does, it will be facing the likes of Android and iOS, two mobile operating systems with well-established user bases.


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