Many of you may have been focusing on the “Other” local brand’s tablet launch at SM North EDSA, but MyPhone certainly didn’t just sit idly by while they hogged all the glory. No, MyPhone actually held their own event to reveal their own big surprise: the MyPhone Infinity Lite!

From the name itself, the MyPhone Infinity Lite is supposed to be a slightly watered down version of the local brand’s flagship, the Infinity. It features a smaller and lower resolution 4.7 inch HD IPS display and a slower clocked 1.4GHz octa core processor. While MyPhone hasn’t yet officially revealed the specific chip model running under the Infinity Lite’s hood, it’s very likely that it’s the MediaTek MT6592M.

Other specs include 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, an 8mp rear camera coupled with a 5mp front camera, and Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box. With a price tag of just Php7,999, the MyPhone Infinity Lite is probably the most affordable octa-core phone in the market! So who’s buying?!

MyPhone Infinity Lite Specs

  • 4.7″ HD IPS display (720 x 1280 resolution, 312ppi)
  • 1.4GHz MediaTek MT6592M* octa-core processor (*specific model to be confirmed)
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB ROM, expandable micro SD
  • 8mp rear-facing autofocus camera with LED flash
  • 5mp front camera
  • 3.75G/HSPA+
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • GPS with A-GPS
  • Price: Php7,999

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  1. I’m truly disappointed.
    I bought 3 units InfinityLite for my daughters last Sept. 2014 in
    Balanga, Bataan. All of them got
    defective in less than a year. I had
    them sent for warranty and it took 2 months each. One cp became defective again on 11th month
    just before warranty expired. After
    almost 3 months waiting, it’s Oct. 27 now, somebody from the store called and
    told me that I have to pay Php5,020. Then
    kung ipa-pull out ko daw ay may shipment fee na Php300. Disgusting!
    Please don’t buy Myphone products!

  2. Maybe im too late to post a comment pero anu naman db? Iba iba gusto ng bawat tao syempre mamimili yan kung saan ka kumportable db? Ndi naman lahat ng tao smartphone geeks kadalasan hardware lng ang gusto kasi mukang iphone or xperia ung iba gusto ung ganito o ganyan dahil sa kaya nya ung graphics ng games o kaya kaninong camera ung mas maganda. There’s no sense on fighting over who developed the greatest fastest or cheapest smartphone coz wala pnaman talagang pinaka magandang nadedevelop kasi every year laging may hinahanap na bago ang mga users. Mabilis na nga gusto pa ung pinaka. I admit maganda ung zenfone. Pero bakit di mo itry din i enjoy ung MP infinity?? Being a tech geek dapat flexible ka bkt yang zenfone ba walang cons?? Imbis na pag awayan intindihin nyo na lang.

  3. Nokia fan! Pasintabi lang. Zen5 fan din ako but it is actually how you’ll use the phone. Getting an octa-core device for the price of 7,999 isn’t any good for you? O sadyang wla kang 8k para pambili?? It is the people’s discretion on what will they like and what would they buy. And besides sarili naman nilang pera ang pinambibili nila. Saka how sure you are na irerelease sa pinas ung isang version ng Zen 5? Ikaw ba CEO ng asus?? Shame on you!! Kung makapagsalita ka akala mo andami mong alam!! Ano ba alam mo sa mga processors ha? Ano ba alam mo sa specs? Ano ba alam mo sa hardware at sofware ng phones?? Alamin mo muna mga sinasabi mo bago ka mag-tawag idiot kung kanikanino big motherfucking dumbass!!!

  4. madami kasi nde nakakaalam regarding sa mga CPU nakita lang nilang dual core, aayawan na kasi uso quad core. lol. Intel po yan. yan lang masasabi ko.

    1. It has buddy.. It only had an 8GB internal memory and expandable by upto 32GB.. Puede ka pa pumasak ng USB na may 24GB nyan ;)

  5. for what it’s worth, people will buy this for the looks first. the specs isn’t that shabby for the price. why not? LOL.

  6. So who’s buying?Probably an idiot because at that price you can get the asus zenphone5 at PHP 6499 a 1500 difference in price with better specs than this phone.So who’s buying????

    1. Really? IDIOT? Go get ypur Zenfone 5. Malamang di mo alam na may dalawang version ang Zen5. May 1GB RAM na Zen5 at yun ung sinasabi mong 6499

      1. Magkano po yung may 1gb na RAM na ZENFONE5? san na ba may available nyan? if I can wait maybe I can be that IDIOT to buy that good looking MP Infinity Lite. =)

        1. Well you clearly dont know either.Well you cant buy any because the one here on the ph is the 2gb of ram version.You clearly are an Idiot as well.Even Sir Jm Balicano knows that :P

          1. lol this by any means no match with the ZenFone not to mention ZenFone is capable of HT (Hyper Threading) smh -.-

          2. MeroN ako neto. ang ganda nung design, build at nang performance nya :D. Ang dami pang option saka features kahit stock android lng. Tipid naman sa storage :D
            Yung nagsabi ng idiot, walang pera siguro. Hahahaha. Mag tipid ka!
            Wag mo kaming pakelaman! Wag ka nang tumira dito sa pilipinas d ka naman proud eh ./.

          3. Maybe your the idiot. Imagine that in your 8k you have already zenfone 5 with a lot of features like in camera, the owl mode or known as lowlight mode, HDR, selfie, etc…. Powersaver, pclink, Music mode, A 2gb ram, 16gb rom, zen ui, cgg3, with glove touch features, miracast ready, GPS and GLONASS, and have an 4.4.2 kitkat update with new features for only 6900 peso. May sukli ka pang 1100 peso, mag bucket meal ka pa sa 8k mo.. UUWI KANG MAY NGITI SA MUKHA MO :)

      2. Well your the IDIOT because you clearly dont know that the zen5 that is going to release in the philippines is the 2GB ram version.BUTTHURT

    2. Mas Idiot ang bibili ng phone na walang OTG capability at 6499 price point. Labas na yang infinity lite parehas lang smooth sa gaming. Wag masyado hambog magcomment.

      1. Do you have proof?And without otg at a price point of php6499 is not a deal breaker.And for php1500 more you get a little improve in design and otg is not a Great buy,considering you’ll sacrificing a Gb of ram,cc3,asus zen ui and more.

      1. Lol!!!Dont you know the hyper threading technology????those dual core are actually four due to the HT.FYI the antutu of that dual core (asus zen5)has a higher antutu than the QUAD core snap 400 and in per core speed (intel processor) is much better in single core performance than your octa core that use shitty a7 per chip (8)

          1. Why need a proof?! Hyper Threading is doing mutiple thread or task at once in a single core. It is a characteristic on how a computer processor handle mutiple task at once. No android apps use a mutithreading but there are processors that use it. May android apps ba na habang nagfefacebook call ka nakaka viber at wechat videocall ka nang sabay saby ta once? LOL?! Its a process and not an appilcation… I agree with The Bastard Christ comment below me hahahaha…

        1. here it is.. octa core means 8. well, we have 1.4 ghz, so times 8 cores. just imagine the speed. and the ram. you just root it to 3G. if you have the knowledge of doing it. you can be creative to your own customization. the battery, just buy power bank. thats the solution. passing by to interfere your convo..

        2. Oh really?! Thats so genius (with a smirk)… Yeah Asus Zenphone5 uses an Intel Atom with a hyperthreading technology. It has a Dual core with different GHZ used by each core. Yung isa core has 2GHZ speed at yung isa ay 1.6GHZ lang. Means yung isang core lang yung may katumbas na power nang dalawang core na may tig 1GHZ speed each and to sum up the two core of Zenphone5 it only have 3.6GHZ speed in total.. Sa tingin mu mas mabilis pa yan sa 5.2GHZ na total speed ng Quadcore na may 1.3GHZ speed each core? I know that Zenphone5 use a processor commonly seen and used sa mga laptop or desktop. Yes yung processor nang Zenphone5 ay mas mabilis compared sa normal na Dualcore processor nang ibang phone pero di nito kayang tumabasan ang bilis ng Quadcore..

        3. brad.. wag mong ipaglaban ung zen5 mo. ung intel atom nun.. pinaglumaan ng laptop.. kaya wala ng atom sa mga laptop.. atska ung hyperthreading na sinasabi mo, mgnda lang yan sa i3, i5, at i7… masyado kang nagmamagaling,, kulang pa knowledge mo,,,

          1. Haha tama ka jan jacjac….. wag na lang kasi magpost para di masabon hahahaha.. Im not agaist the zenphone im just only irritated with that irrelevant post of Nokia Fan.

      2. Nope… Octacore is octacore and dual core is dual core.. I had an HTC One XL powered by Dual Core Snapdragon Processor and MyPhone Rio with Quadcore MTK6582m processor. They said that dualcore of snapdragon is much better than quadcore of mediatek LOL this is not true. I installed both phone with the same HD game for example KRITIKA UNLEASH and IRON KNIGHTS, those games run smoothly sa RIO.. I tried to reformat the two phones and installed the same games and still RIO works so well…. Di po to chika lang i only base on my personal experience and performance of the units.

    3. That may be, but, if benchmark is to be the answer, its score is lower by 4k than infinity lite