The health crisis may have laid low, but it’s still best to make sure the food you’re eating and giving your family is clean and safe. That’s one of the reasons why you might want to get the new Cherry Food Cleaner.

Compared to the traditional cleaning methods, the Cherry Food Cleaner has a Hydroxyl purification technology that’s more effective in cleaning your food. This advanced technology can remove dirt on your food and can disinfect fruits, vegetables, and even meat.


What’s more, it can keep your food safe from being exposed to contaminants that may lead to food-borne illnesses. Cherry said that it can also secure clean and healthy food lean proteins, and even healthy fats, to help you achieve a healthy weight and be safe from chronic diseases.

The Food Cleaner can also save you time and effort in the kitchen as it’s very easy to use. Simply press the single red button and your food is ready to serve or for storage.


It also has a small, capsule-like appearance, and works wirelessly for easier storage and operation. The device can be fully charged in only 3 to 5 hours and is IPX7 water-resistant with a 3 to 6-liter cleaning capacity.

The Cherry Food Cleaner has a price of Php3,439 and is available at and on Cherry Concept stores and kiosks.

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