Having a new member of the family can be a tough job for any parent. With the newborn often requiring strict monitoring to remain safe, parents, especially mothers, are hands-on with the child for almost the entire day.

That is a given—babies are in a very delicate state that even a simple lack of attention could mean making the unthinkable happen. This only makes the darkness of the night, when the parents are also asleep, such a precarious part of the day. But that should not be the case when you could keep the baby secure while in sleep with the Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera.


The Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera is the equipment you would need as far as keeping a close watch on the newest member of the family. Thanks to its 1080p video quality, overseeing parents can keep an eye on their child in vivid quality from a distance. Coupled with a motion detection capability, there is simply no overlooking if there is any activity taking place in the baby’s room.

Thanks also to the camera’s built-in two-way audio, parents can keep themselves connected with the child no matter the distance. Thus, making unnecessary the closing of the gap between the baby and the parent when a simple voice communication will do via the Cherry Home app.

The Cherry Home Smart Baby Camera retails for Php1,405.

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