It is no secret that packing your meal is more economical than buying pre-cooked or pre-prepped foods from stores. And it can even be more sufficiently filling, too, as you ration everything yourself.

But one downside with packing one’s meal is that the grub tends to go cold with time, which can influence the palatability of the dishes inside. With the CHERRY Multi-function Lunch Box, that is no longer the deal.

The CHERRY Multi-function Lunch Box is more than just your run-off-the-mill lunch box in that it is designed to stack a variety of foods in it. This means having enough space to separate one type of meal from another instead of fitting them all together—sometimes, forcefully—in a single container.


But for picky eaters or those who simply prefer their on-the-go meal warm, the CHERRY smart lunch box makes for an extra special food container in that it can keep freshly cooked dishes warmer for longer. This is thanks to the lunch box’s airtight and 360-degree heating feature that leaves no cold spots anywhere from the inside. This implies that the packed lunches can be eaten directly out of the box, without the need to resort to reheating via the microwave, saving time in the process.

Lastly, with the lunch box’s sleek and modern design, there is simply no shame in carrying your energy- and nourishment-providing food with you.

The CHERRY Multi-function Lunch Box is available now via CHERRY’s official store on Shopee, Lazada, and the Cherry PH Shop for Php1,599.

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