To complete the rebrand from Cherry Mobile to Cherry, the company has launched new IoT products and appliances to expand its portfolio.

During the launch, Cherry also unveiled Anne Curtis as its newest brand ambassador that will help them sell smart living products.

The Internet of Things ecosystem has been growing rapidly over the years, together with smart appliances that aim to improve people’s quality of life. According to Michelle Ngu-Cinco, Cherry’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), the move is also part of the company’s vision to bring a “Cherry device for everyone.”

Cherry also showed several Air Purifiers of different sizes that can fit in any household. In addition, there are new products like smart locks, cameras, and switches. All of these are claimed to be used by Ann Curtis at home.

For appliances, Cherry first started with kitchen products like Air Fryers and Rice Cookers and cleaning products like vacuums. Recently, it also unveiled its new Smart TVs ranging from 32-inch to 55-inch models.

Another innovation is the Movasweep Robotic vacuum, which can help clean the floor automatically. There’s also an Air Purifier with 2in-1 Bladeless Fan to circulate air for up to 30sqm.

PR and CSR Head Agnes Conopio said that Cherry will invest more in research and development to be able to deliver products that can make people’s lives more convenient. Moving forward, Cherry wants Filipinos to recognize the value of a smart home and products.

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