Following Google’s announcement last month, the Android operating system is finally equipped with a feature that lets you spot trackers that may be targeting you through your device. The feature is fully implemented on Android 6.0 or later versions and works on AirTags that are planted on you or near you.

The unwanted tracker alert functions in three ways—notifications, actions, and scanning.

If certain conditions are met when enabled, the functionality works by alerting you via a notification that a tracker has been separated from its owner and is going with you. Tapping on the notification will then reveal helpful data about the tracker, including a bird’s eye view of the map showing where the tracker was seen to follow you. To make finding the physical location of the tracker, there is the “Play sound” option that essentially causes the tracker to emit sound for sourcing.


Being a subject of unwanted tracking can pique the target’s curiosity. But with the feature’s ability to recognize useful information on the tracking device itself, users could gather incriminating details, such as the device’s serial number as well as the last four digits of the owner’s phone number. From there, the user will be guided on the steps they could take, including how to physically disable the tracker.

Users can also initiate the scanning of their environment to confirm the suspicion of the existence of a tracking device by going into Settings>Safety & Emergency>Unknown tracker alerts and tapping “Scan Now.”

Presently, the feature works on Apple’s AirTag, but Google is hard at work in expanding the list of supported tracking devices.

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