The Apple AirTag sure is the best in its category thanks to Apple’s robust Find My ecosystem. However, getting one can really cost a fortune.

In the Philippines, an AirTag costs Php1,890 (Php6,490 for the 4-pack). Despite the benefit of letting you easily track and find missing items, it’s just too much to pay for a small puck-like device. In comes the Momax PinTag.


Priced at only Php990, the Momax PinTag is one of the best alternatives to the AirTag. Why? Because it works with Apple Find My. This means you’d have a better chance of finding any lost items than other non-Apple tracking devices available in the market.

Simply put this small device on your bag, attach it to your keys, bike, or any valuable item, and have the peace of mind that you’d be able to easily look for them in case they go missing.


The PinTag uses precise global positioning for tracking. Plus, it comes with a built-in buzzer and can play a sound for short-distance tracking. It’s powered by a CR2032 battery that can last for a year. And, to prevent, malicious tracking, a person will be notified on their iOS device if a PinTag is with them.

You can get the Momax PinTag in Digital Walker stores, their website, in LazMall for a price of only Php990. It comes in Black and White colors.

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