It is virtually impossible to start a business nowadays without having a security camera in it, per the mandate of DILG Memorandum Circular 2022-060. But while the same cannot be said about homes, there is certainly a benefit to having one to protect the household from what would otherwise be unforeseen events.

Meeting both advantages, Cherry Home has come up with such a device in multiple iterations, meant to protect either our business or our homes, or even both. Check out the list of Cherry Smart Security Cameras below.

Cherry Home Smart Battery Camera

Security for our enterprise or our households requires on-the-clock attention. For something as demanding, you cannot afford to have a security camera that is completely dependent on a power source—especially if you come from an area where a power outage is more common than rare. With its rechargeable battery, Cherry Home Smart Battery Camera’s 9,000mAh battery capacity is more than enough to cover even an extended power loss.


As a security camera, it is capable of taking 1080p-quality videos as well as intercepting audio input through its embedded microphone. Lastly, it is also capable of detecting human movement, too, thanks to its AI Human Body Detection capability. This you can purchase for only Php3,999.

If you want to know more, here are the benefits of using battery-powered security cameras.

Cherry Home Smart Outdoor Camera

Meant for security from the outdoors, the Cherry Home Smart Outdoor Camera has a 3-megapixel camera, which is capable of taking videos even during the dark through its night vision capability.


Additionally, through its Rotation and Wide Viewing Angles, 140° Tilt and 310° Pan, this security can detect any nearby movement, partly aided by its Intelligent Auto-Tracking. Lastly, its round-the-clock recording can be stored in a 32GB microSD card. All these benefits you can get for only Php1,620.

Cherry Home Smart Bullet Camera

Whether for safeguarding you from external threats or for monitoring indoors, the Cherry Home Smart Bullet Camera makes for a good option. Certified IP65 Weatherproof, it can withstand exposure to changing weather. Also, its 100-meter wireless transmission makes it ideal to be placed anywhere within that range.


Lastly, it is capable of detecting any movement within the 10-meter range and gathering better audio for video playbacks due to its 3D Digital Noise Reduction. This security camera you can get for only Php2,490.

How about you, what kind of CCTV do you use? Are you going to consider using these Cherry Smart Security Cameras?

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