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Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-free Humidifier unveiled


Xiaomi is expanding on its growing portfolio of household products as it collaborates with Deerma to come up and release the Smart Fog-free Humidifier.

Designed with both portability and functionality in mind, the Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-free Humidifier is an easily movable tool with the main purpose of keeping the ambient air moist. This makes for a perfect company in areas with hot and dry air that often affects the level of moisture in our nose, mouth, throat, and lips.

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Unlike air conditioners which come with their own “magic,” the Smart Fog-free Humidifier’s ability to keep the environmental air humid draws from a natural source, that is, water through evaporation. Subsequently producing nano-molecules of water that plays the second role in keeping the air clean by preventing small particles and impurities from getting attached.

The Xiaomi Deerma Smart Fog-free Humidifier launches with a price tag of 499 Yuan (~Php3,700), but can be pre-ordered for cheaper at 469 Yuan (~$71) via the Youpin crowdfunding platform.


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