Apple App Store users are going to pay more for apps and in-app purchases in certain regions beginning October 2022.

Per a PDF file that Apple shared to developers listing the company’s increased app store prices, all territories using the euro currency will be affected. Also covered are nine more countries—Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, and Vietnam—and their respective currencies.

App prices have been increased by 19-20 percent in euro territories. So an app that currently costs a €0.99 will cost €1.19 when the adjustment goes into effect. Likewise, a €499 purchase will cost €599 next month.

Note that the change in prices does not affect auto-renewable subscriptions, as Apple is leaving it up to app developers to either retain the subscription prices for current subscribers or implement an increase via the App Store Connect.

Apple has not revealed why it updated its price tiers for the aforementioned countries and regions. Speculation among pundits points towards weakening currencies versus the US dollar, which means sliding profits for Apple outside the US.

The price adjustments will be implemented as soon as October 5. Fortunately for app store users in the Philippines, no price increase has been announced for the country.

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