Bank of the Philippine Islands’ social responsibility arm, BPI Foundation, has launched an app called “Breakthrough: The Financial Choices We Make” on Wednesday, February 24, that seeks to educate Filipinos about finance in a fun way. 

According to BPI Foundation executive director Owen Cammayo, the game will help improve people their awareness and understanding in finance, as well as their judgement through the introduction of financial concepts, both basic and complex. More specifically, involving topics such as budgeting, saving, insurance, retirement planning, investment, and debt management. 

In addition, Cammayo also highlights the importance of proper financial understanding in making informed decisions for money management, whether in good or bad times, especially the latter. 

Aside from its commitment to empower the average Filipino through the equipment of financial knowledge, the app was also driven in response to a World Bank study that suggests the employ of edutainment in instilling learning to the public.

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