Netflix announced that two of its latest mobile games Dungeon Dwarves and League of Legends spinoff Hextech Mayhem, are coming to iOS and Android.

The two games will be free for users who have a Netflix subscription.

Developed by Hyper Hippo, Dungeon Dwarves is an idle dungeon crawler that will play continuously even if the app is not running. It lets you control a group of five dwarves who fights down monsters and walls to take back their underground home piece by piece.

The dwarves will continue diving even if you’re not playing the game. You will be rewarded with weapons and loots once you reopen the app.


We also have Hextech Mayhem, which is a rhythm runner game that features characters from League of Legends. With Choice Provisions as the developers, the game is published by Riot Forge, Riot Game’s publishing arm that focuses on smaller titles for the League of Legends universe.

The game is already out on consoles and PC and is now coming to mobile devices exclusively via Netflix, making it the platform’s biggest game to date.

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